Historic rimfire target rifles for sale

  • I came upon a number of 22lr target rifles from the past. I'm going to be going through them in detail and selling them when I'm finished. Figured I'd start a thread and begin seeing if any of you have interest. I know there are some rimfire lovers here just as I am.

    Here's what I have:
    Anschutz Match 54
    Winchester 52C repeater
    Winchester 52D
    Martini MKII with Unertl tube sight w/ adjustable aperture. (ultra rare)
    Martini MKII
    Remington 513T

    All are in very good condition. Remains to be seen how they all shoot.

    I just shot the 513T today... and it is incredible. Very light target trigger with wide shoe and feeds/ejects beautifully. I shot two 5-shot groups at 50yds in the 25mph wind today after I put 15 rounds through it to get it to settle in.



    I also have a Hammerli free pistol in excellent condition and a S&W 41 with beautiful wood target grip.

    If anyone has any interest you can post here or send a chat.

  • Those are some really nice hard to find rimfires. I love quality vintage guns!

  • That martini is not only a good looking gun but I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  • Selling rimfire's like the ones in this sale is bordering on driving me crazy...

    I've spent my entire life searching for 22lr's that shoot the way these things shoot. Wasted tens of thousands of dollars. ... and now I have half dozen of them that are just absolute lasers. The guy that had them no doubt spent a good portion of his life collecting these things.

    Selling them is making me nuts... but I figure rather than hog the glory, I'd share it with you guys. You could buy 10 rifles and only end up with ONE that looks and shoots like ALL of these things do.

    I have shot both martini's, both winchesters, the 513T, and today this anschutz 54... and they are just ridiculous.

  • The winchester 52 D sure does shoot. So does the C. Neither of them like center X, but with RWS R50, watch out! The 52D is liable to start a fire for how much it behaves like a laser.


  • How about some pictures of those Winchesters?
    I could use some good gun porn! : )