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  • I think I am going to buy my daughter a .22 for X-mas this year. She wants to compete in .22 local matches but I can't afford an Anny or a 40X, so I plan to go with a CZ. The matches shoot distances from 50 to 250 yds. There are CZ 455s I am looking at come with 16.5" and 20.5" barrels. What barrel length is recommended for this type of shooting?

  • Not very scientific but this is my results. On a CZ 452 with a LIja straight bull. It started at 24” and I cut down in half inch increments. My speed went up from 24” to 17” and at 16.5” it was less than 10fps slower. At 16” it was 35fps slower than 17”. It is from only one barrel and at the time I was not able to tell if tit was tighter at the bore every time.

  • It's been my experience with 22lr that anything over 16" can produce precision. I have 40X's with 16" barrels as well as 28" barrels. Most typically you won't find benchrest rifles will barrels shorter than 22". Most are 26 or 28.

    The CZ actions are not very robust, so I'd stick with the shorter barrel. It'll be easier for her to handle too.

  • I can see an advantage to longer barrels if you are using open or aperature sights. I cut mine at 16” and it does just fine. If wind is calm I can wear out a 2/3 ipsc at 300+ yards.

    I wasn’t real happy with my cz though and by the time you preform the necessary upgrades you will be at The price of a factory 40x.

  • I think your daughter will be happier with a 64 based Savage-Anschutz 164. Ammo will quickly overrun the price of the rifle. New Anschutz 64s are expensive but used ones are half price. For $1,000 you should be able to get a good as new S-A 164 with sights and half a case of R-50.

  • Are they JROTC or 4H International style 3 Position matches or a Mini PRS or CMP Rimfire Sporter / NRA Light Rifle ?
    Target Talk is a good forum for International ISSF shooting.

    Check used prices there.

    Rimfire PRS is getting competitive.

    Her is another link.
    The Kid in the picture is Sam Payne, one of the best in the country and the first time get a perfect score of 600.
    His Father coaches the local 4H team up in their hometown in North GA.
    Great family fun and I don't mind losing to him at our local match when they drive down.

  • The matches are actually local matches put together by a military guy and it's not specifically for kids, so anyone can compete. Then the range I shoot at have a kids competition 1 Sat. per month. I have heard of the 4H competitions and it's something we'll look at if she is interested in pursuing this seriously. I just don't want to spend too much money on something she may not stick with.

  • Then get something more versatile.
    Ruger American Rimfire has an adjustable stock to fit a child or adult.
    Can't speak to the accuracy though.
    You will want a scope with adjustable parallax down to 10-25 yards.

    6X at 50 yards is plenty of magnification so a 3-9X would be easy to find.
    You are building a budget squirrel killer it sounds like.

  • @hypo said:

    6X at 50 yards

    Most tactical style rimfire matches have some pretty small targets. I don't think 6x would cut it for most. A good variable is a must. The bushnell elite's based on the 4200's can be found used for a reasonable price. A 6-24 or 3-12 would work well. Any of the cheap $500 type FFP's tend to do alright as well. About the only role the athlon scopes excel at. The $300 athlon's are a value leader there.

  • The 6x is for the CMP style matches and NRA light rifle.
    Pretty easy to hit them.

    I am going to have a busy holiday.
    25th and 26th I can take on the wiz kids.

    Got home too late for the 3P today but will do the Rimfire Sporter tomorrow.

    Those air rifle matches are tough. Drove by there and it was crowded.

    Going to check my zeros this afternoon on my peep sighted CZ 452 Ultra Lux.

    I added apertures after this picture.


  • @orkan said:
    A 6-24 or 3-12 would work well. Any of the cheap $500 type FFP's tend to do alright as well. About the only role the athlon scopes excel at. The $300 athlon's are a value leader there.

    Greg, I was thinking of putting the Nikon 4-12 that sits on the 6.5x284 hunting un on it and then buying a Burris XTR II 3-15 for the hunting rifle. But a $300 athlon sounds better than the burris, which is I think around $800-$900. What would you suggest?

  • @ramirojpc I only really consider athlon for rifles that don't get shot much. They are quite cheap.

    Burris XTR II is a considerably better optic.