Anyway to get a rifle profile back

  • I accidentally deleted a rifle profile from the dashboard is there anyway to recover deleted info?

  • Banned

    Unfortunately there is not a way to retrieve info once a profile has been deleted. The popup which asks "are you sure" is there to discourage any accidental deletions.

  • This is one of the many reasons I harp on folks to always have hard copies for backup purposes. :)

  • @orkan
    I keep a seperate notebook for every rifles data on everything from when I start load development on, but my luck being what it is my 5 year old got that particular note book and turned it into a present for her teacher consisting of a bunch of confetti sized pieces of paper cut out of the book glued to the notebook cover. Glad I keep seperate notebooks for each rifle now. I deleted it thinking I was deleting one load.

  • Major bummer.