A perfect example of what Gunhive forums will never allow...

  • http://www.sniperforums.com/forum/cartridges-calibers/51931-new-6-5s-2.html

    The anonymous nature of the internet leads people to believe that they can say whatever they want, and be someone they are not, without any worry of retribution. I believe this is the one singular thing that turns forums into the despicable pits of whining, bitching, and posturing that they all seem to inevitably become. Virtually all other forums let this behavior go on, completely unchecked. They hide their desire to have more users at any cost behind a veil of politeness. They think every person should be listened to, regardless of skill level or experience. Sadly, those forum operators have no idea how much money and time this costs good people in this sport. Then, if a user dares try to set the record straight regarding the misinformation they spew, they are most often threatened with suspension or an outright ban.

    Not Here. Not Ever.

    On the Gunhive forums, you are expected to have first hand experience with something if you are going to be handing out advice about that thing. Whether that be reloading, shooting technique, or anything else. This is a gathering place for people that are tired of being told inaccurate things by inexperienced people. Here, the moderators will see to it that people are held accountable for the words they type.

  • Funny. I asked him what his load data was. I doubt he will have an answer.

  • I understand people want to help and that great, but most people don't even know they're talking out of their ass when they say it.