Prime rimfire ammo

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    Travis sent me a picture of some new rimfire ammo today. It's almost like he knows how fanatical I am about my 22lr stuff... ;)

    My first thought was "Who's making it?" 22lr manufacturing isn't something that a new ammo company is just going to hop into. Prime is new, but their ammo ads can now be seen virtually EVERYWHERE. They are certainly spending a bunch of money on their look. I'm not certain if they are actually manufacturing their own centerfire ammo... but they are definitely not making this rimfire ammo.

    Prime 22lr is re-labelled RWS from the looks of it. RWS makes some outstanding rimfire ammo, yet it does illuminate a weird trend of companies offering rimfire ammo which they do not produce.

    SK & Wolf - Made by Lapua.
    Norma & Prime - Made by RWS.
    Eley - I'm not aware of other commonly found ammo that is re-branded eley.

    Prime's "bolt performance+" seems to be RWS Sport Target Rifle. "Semi performance+" seems to be RWS Sport Semi Auto. The "subsonic HP performance+" seems to be RWS Field Subsonic HP.

    RWS certainly makes quality rimfire ammo. I've tested about 8 different varieties of it, and it all shot better than CCI at equal price points, and their high end Premium line shot better than most Eley I've worked with lately.

    I just find this whole re-branded 22lr thing odd. I guess there must be money in it, or it wouldn't be happening so frequently. Maybe it's time to start offering RWS-made Primal Rights ammo. Admit it... our wolf would look awesome on an ammo box. ;)

  • Yes it would.

    I've shot some of this, my MKII doesn't like it.

    It'll be 10/22 ammo (I don't even know if it'll cycle that never tried)

    Decent, but a lot of fliers.

    Remington use to have Remington Target by Eley, or something.

  • @rhyno said:

    Remington use to have Remington Target by Eley, or something.

    Quite right you are! I forgot about that stuff. I'm sure there are many more that I don't know about as well, as common as this is getting.

    Based on the price of this "Prime" ammo, I would say it is the bottom of the barrel from RWS. I've had outstanding success with the higher end RWS.