FBI database for gun buyers missing millions of records

  • The FBI’s background-check system is missing millions of records of criminal convictions, mental illness diagnoses and other flags that would keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands, a gap that contributed to the shooting deaths of 26 people in a Texas church this week.

    Experts who study the data say government agencies responsible for maintaining such records have long failed to forward them into federal databases used for gun background checks — systemic breakdowns that have lingered for decades as officials decided they were too costly and time-consuming to fix.


  • Just goes to show, more laws wouldn't fix a damn thing. They can't even keep up with what they already have in place.

  • So now the pressure will be applied and more money given to them... to do the job they claimed they were already doing, and it still won't fix the problem.

    Is that something we want to encourage?

    Instead the conversation should be more like "You haven't done your job, so now you're fired."

  • The government is the only entity that will hire people to do a job, and when it doesn’t get done they pay them more and give them more time.

  • James L Turgal, Jr is the head of the IT department for the FBI based on some research I did. The buck should stop with the head of the department. Don't know if we accomplish anything if he and the underlings responsible get early retirement and still get their full pension.