Chicago Stop the bleed training

  • "Amid Chicago gun violence, public campaign aims to help keep victims from bleeding to death,” a Sunday Chicago Tribune report notes. “Medical experts say anyone can employ a few basic techniques to achieve the same results when confronted with a life-and-death scenario. And a public service campaign called ‘Stop the Bleed’ aims to do just that: teach bystanders to save someone’s life by learning basic blood-stemming techniques."

  • Well at least this is a logical move. No matter how many laws they pass, they can't get people to stop being criminals in chicago... so at least they are teaching people how to save lives.

    Now if they would take the next logical step and realize that putting bullet holes in the people that are putting bullet holes in everyone else is the only thing that will stop people from having bullet holes in them.

  • Something I need to attend been a long time since I’ve had any medical class.

    There should be more of those, basic first aid, tourniquet, and stuff like that.