9mm and my Coax

  • Can't go out and get a Dillon for a few months if not for a year.

    Until then, buy ammo or try to single stage reload 9mm?

    My CZ and my wrists like the heavier and slower 147 loads.
    The sound is noticeably lower too.

    Any die preferences?
    I can grab a Lee 4 die set and everything locally.
    Need to order a different metering chamber for the Redding powder measure from Precision Reloading.
    Maybe get the 10X measure just for pistol and it can mount on a Dillon 550 with an adapter later

    Or just put the money towards a Dillon 650 loaded up for around $1200?

    Put a tarp down to catch my brass.

  • @hypo

    Lee dies work fine. I have also used them in a Dillon too. Only major down side to lee pistol dies is the lock rings. You will want to buy hornady lock rings for the dies in order for them to be repeatable in the coax press. I would get a lee perfect powder measure. It is cheap but works fine. You will want a Dillon measure if you go with a Dillon Press. However this will get you loading single stage for now. Coax does fine for loading pistol rounds. I loaded quite a few that way before I switched to a dillon press.

    The 650 is really in a middle spot and is the only Dillon Press I won’t recommend. The 550 can load great ammo quickly but is not easily paired to a case feeder. Change overs are very easy with the 550. If you need a case feeder, then I would go all the way to a 1050.

    Now...the 550 is great for loading up to about 1000 rounds in a setting. It can do more, but gets tiresome. If you do more than that in a Setting then you will probably want the 1050.

    I tend to load 2-300 rounds at a time and then switch caliber. With the changeover i went with the 550’s. I have one in large primer and one in small primer. That way I don’t have to change the priming system. I would rather have 2 of the 550’s than one 650. Changeovers are less than 60 seconds.

    If you have questions let me know. There is not much dillon that I haven’t used or owned.

  • I’ve loaded about 500 rounds of 45 acp on my coax with no problem. It’s slow but works fine. I have a Dillon 550 and love it. I use it for all my pistol loads and the coax for rifle. Only reason I used the coax that one time for the 45 acp was because we had just moved and I hadn’t set the 550 back up yet at that time. My bench is set up in my attic and I had to modify the mounting system for the 550 due to overhead clearance issues.

  • I'm using the Lee 4 die set on my 45 ACP, no complaints.

    However I haven't found it cost productive to load 9mm.

  • trying to source cheap brass is one thing.

    GABrass here in metro ATL can get me 1000 prepped and ready to load for $55


    It would be for loading 147 RN that is just enough to meet the power factor rules.




    22 cents a round seems to be the least expensive 147 grain target load i have found.

    There are 124 grain 1000 round cases below 20 cents a round.
    Trying different boxed ammo to hopefully find something cheap that it likes.

  • So far no store bought ammo in 9mm is close to my goals.

    Probably my skill at this point but my Kimber is spot on with CCI 22LR.

    Trying Blazer and Federal this weekend and raking away the leaves and picking up 500+ cases of 9mm brass if I can find them all.

    Putting down a cheap tarp will help that.
    Hope to have them deprimed and cleaned by Sunday evening.

    Lemi shine time.

  • @hypo

    I quit depriming pistol rounds before tumbling. It is so time consuming and I don’t see a lot of improvement from it.

    Also keep in mind that 9mm brass can be bought for roughly $30/1000. Just watch for mil crimped brass as it will hang up your operation if you don’t catch it first.

  • Have some fired brass for you guys to look at.

    3.8 grains CFE Pistol loaded to 1.055 OAL with a Berry's 00355 147 flat point
    The Gold primer PPU is a pick up to replace one lost. Very hot looking NATO load.

    3.5 grains CFE Pistol 1.055" OAL 147 flat point.
    Definitely softer. Primers still curved at edges.
    I can take a better picture if necessary.


    Noticeable amount of soot down the sides of the brass with 3.5 grains.
    The 3.8 loads were cleaner burning.

  • Is this the brass you put in with the CLR?

  • It got rinsed again. The silver looking ones are the Browning Brass.
    It has the antiqued tarnished Brass color to it. Browning calls it Black Nickel
    The Lemi-Shine just lightens it a touch.


    This is all brass I fired new in the box and picked up out of the yard.
    Some of it sat on the ground for a few months.

    Have 100 new Starline I will load with Hornady XTP later this weekend.

    The Brass colored primers are still the originals in the PPU and Winchester White box 115.

  • I wouldn’t chase a max load with random range brass. Different brass can vary greatly by volume and you might over pressure. I usually just use a lower mid range load for most pistol rounds unless I have matching uniform brass.

  • Going for low recoil but enough to make a 130 Power factor....
    130000 / 147 = 885 fps.
    CFE Pistol is a medium speed pistol Powder about the same at AutoComp.