This kind of crap just won't stop

  • So we have seen some really stupid behavior from people that want to come off looking like they have a shred of intelegance and people who are educated, some highly educated, doing and saying the stupidest shit.

    This is another shining example of just how stupid some people really are and to think that there are people taking it in as though GOD himself said it. Why there isn't something that can be done is beyond me.

    This kind of crap is being taught to students and no one, not one single person, of any kind of authority can put an end to it. No one can see the damage that this can and is doing to everything. I see more and more single minded shallow people nowadays then ever before.

    We are suppose to be getting smarter and wiser as we age but the majority are actually reverting back to stupid acting like a little "me, me, me" child and taking the position of well as long as it dosen't affect me "Fuck It".

    Listen and learn what we once knew and was being taught back in the day. I mean really listen to it not just hear it. One of the biggest problems we have in this society is there is too much preaching, demanding and not enough listening. So sit back and have a listen and hopefully you will learn something or mabey you will remember something you forgot.