Church Shooting in Texas

  • Man what another sad event today. This one hit a little closer to home for me. My family and I were in church at the same time these events were taking place. Our pastor was giving a sermon on gods law, mercy and grace. It was a really good sermon I thought as well.

    From the reports I've seen so far it also sounds like an armed citizen stopped and killed this guy. If that's the case I'm glad to hear that someone was able to step in to stop this guy while risking his own life.

  • ... and the anti's will have a field day this week.

  • They always do, maybe not as much as normal, since a guy with a gun stopped it and the dude sounded like he was a democrat, who was Dishonerably Discharged from the Airforce so he shouldn’t have been able to buy a firearm.

    And I have no confidence that Trump would stop any firearm legislation, and less amoung Republicans

  • @orkan don't they always.

  • @rhyno

    Wondering what the DD was for.

  • Beating his wife.

    Now the say it was a bad conduct discharge.