• Got the first deer in the freezer and crock pot.

    Me and the future Son-In-Law just finished up some processing.
    Almost burned out the grinder.
    I was cubing the meat and he was running the grinder.
    Vacuum packing is done.
    Have most of it ground or as loins.
    Wife says we need to get a smoker and dryer for jerky.

    Didn't have to go far for this one.
    He was out walking the back of the property with the two boys from next door looking for deer sign.

    They heard the kid's Australian Shepard / Husky mix running something through the brush.
    Two does burst through followed by a Spike buck and the dog.
    He dropped the buck with a close range shot from an AR with soft points.
    The little Ruger got blooded.
    We split the meat with the neighbor next door since it was his dog.
    He could sure use it. Decent sized deer for around here. Probably a bit over 200 pounds dressed.
    Practically zero hunting pressure around me. Lots of well cared for cattle pastures on the other side of the woods.


    Our lot runs nearly due East West to the base of the small dam with the log flood control pond running to the Southwest..
    Down hill to the old creek bed.

  • The fun is over when the trigger is pulled. Then the work begins!

    Glad you got one. We eat a lot of deer meat. It is a very healthy meat.

    muzzleloader opened yesterday here. I haven't got to go yet, but will probably tomorrow morning.

  • Dinner time.... MMMMM