Hornady's new app

  • Hornady has a mobile app out for ballistics now. Free too!

    I grabbed it and played with it, comparing some known firing solutions to those computed by hornady. Seems to work quite well. The interface could use a bit of work, but it functions. Computes for aerodynamic jump as well.

  • I got it yesterday too and meant to post up a mention of it. Fun to compare when it is free to download.

  • 6tcW1yNh.png

    Something's messed up with the HUD. You can see the numbers on top don't read what the numbers in the scrollers show.

  • I actually found this somehow a day before they announced, but I haven’t been able to use it. That’ll change in a few minutes.

    Unfortunately my bullet isn’t in their 4Dof so I’ll just be using the 3dof part.

    TRASOL went to hell so I was looking for a new app anyways.

  • Well it seemed to work alright for me today out to 550 yards.

    So not very far.

    At 550 yards it gave me a come up of 3.3 mils but I was missing high, actual come up was 3.0 mils.

    I found that a little weird, I happened to have my cheap chronograph with me (didn’t have my magneto speed) and shot a few rounds over that and it said I had gained 60FPS. With that adjustment it gave me a come up of 3.0 mils (3.08 actually) which would have been a hit.

    I’ll have to run back out later today if there’s time yet and check speed with the magnetospeed.

  • I downloaded it this morning and just compared it to BulletDrop+ that I've been using. They don't have the 178 Amax pre listed so I'm haven't been able to compare it apples to apples. But comparing the Amax in my BulletDrop vs the ELD in the 4DOF, it says I need another 2 MOA at 1000 yards.

    I did pick up a box of 178 ELD Matches to test out soon. Once I do I'll play with this app a bit more.

  • Comparing program to program is useless without accompanying real world data.

  • @orkan said:

    Comparing program to program is useless without accompanying real world data.

    Absolutely. The BulletDrop has been pretty damn good right now. Dial its call and I'm there. So I was just wondering where the new app would put me. I'll forsure post my real world results when I get it.

  • I used this in my last match (personal best) and it put me right on target given I had zeroed my rifle at 200 yards the day before. There was more wind than I could handle.