Every year, this happens.

  • These particular clowns happen to be from wisconsin. They are just one example of the kind of thing we put up with from October to January here. My house sits not 40yds from this intersection. It is illegal to shoot within 320 yards from an occupied dwelling or livestock. We have TWO signs up every direction from my house indicating this boundary... yet these idiots stop, the passenger leans out of the vehicle and ground-pounds a pheasant DIRECTLY AT MY HOUSE. My kids play on the other side of those trees you see in the cam footage not 20yds from where they fired. LETHAL range for 4-shot commonly used when pheasant hunting.

    This happens every single year one to twenty times. All because of greed. This state's insatiable greed for the "pheasant economy" brings people from all over the country that drive around all day shooting pheasants out of ditches. As a responsible parent, how can I possibly let my kids outside to play with this bullshit going on? "Road hunters." All they do is drive around. All day long. Until they spot a pheasant in the ditch (right of way) and they are legally able to get out, shut their doors, and walk the ditches to shoot the bird. They can even trespass on either side of the ditch onto private property to retrieve the bird, and the law allows it so long as they leave their guns behind.

    I have no problem with guys that come here to lodges or farms and ACTUALLY hunt, walking with their dogs and such. I think that's awesome. Good traditional hunting. Some guys like to do it with pointers, going slow and going after individual birds. Some guys like to party up with 20 guys and push a line across an entire field. I'm fine with either. I'm NOT fine with people slinking past my property just waiting for an opportunity to fire shotgun rounds at my house, property, livestock, and kids.

    This year we have full HD cameras up every direction, blanketing my entire property. We called the SD Game and Fish, and they forwarded us on to the warden that covers this area. He called the Huron PD and the PD found the vehicle at a local hotel. I haven't heard back from the warden, but I hope those pricks got hit with every fine and punishment humanly possible. To endanger my family for a fucking pheasant!?!?!?! It should be a felony what these assholes did.

    ... and every single year is the same. A parade of non-resident dangerous assholes looking to shoot pheasants no matter what it takes. What will it take for law enforcement and this state's government to take this seriously? One of my kids in the fucking morgue?

  • Honestly I doubt they would even care then. Unless you put a lawsuit forward worth more then what they could recover from tags nothing will change.

    Same type of stuff happens around here. Every dang sign around my place has been shot, some of them less then 100 feet from a house.

  • @orkan I wonder how they would like it if you were shooting that close to there house.

  • Put a 375 Chey Tac round right through the block. These type of Aholes are what give responsible hunters / gun owners a bad rap.

  • That intersection,looks like the one from the movie cast away.

  • Looks like a place where you could sell your soul to the Devil at midnight.

  • It's beautiful here. It would be heaven on earth were it not for the constant harassment of shitheads like those in the video.

  • @orkan said:

    It's beautiful here. It would be heaven on earth were it not for the constant harassment of shitheads like those in the video.

    +1 I love it here, except this BS that goes on.

  • We have our own mental giants with guns in my city. This is about 1/4 mile from my house at just past 7am on a weekday. The building in the top right corner is a church with a daycare program in the first floor.

    Check out the excellent marksmanship skills of the first shooter. I don't know if I have ever seen worse handgun technique than this guy, except in a movie.Three feet away and he misses.

    The second POS hit the school bus that you see going through the traffic light as he is firing while getting in his car. Luckily it only busted out the glass and cut the drivers face a bit. You can see her pull the bus into the church parking lot at the very end to get the glass off of her and wait on the police to show.

    No wonder we have so many people on the fence about gun legality in this country with numb-nuts like these around. Scenes like this make it easy for the anti-gunners to sway their opinion.

  • Wow.

    ... but they look like such fine upstanding citizens...

  • One of them could be obamas son.It is really sad what has happened to this great country of ours.

  • @steelbanger said:

    One of them could be obamas son.It is really sad what has happened to this great country of ours.

    Why do you think one of them could be Obama's son? I didn't think he had any sons.

  • @flyinphill Its in refrence to the Jackholes comments on Trevon Martin...

  • Both videos are just crazy.

    Here in PA we have very very few wild pheasant left. Aside from very select areas, if you want to go bird hunting - you take your dog to the state game lands where they are stocked (guys literally will wait til the stocking truck leaves, flush every bird in sight to get their 2 bird daily limit, and leave).

    Even with stocked birds I can say our group never has shot a bird on the ground, ever. Defeats the point of, you know, hunting birds, something that flies, with a shotgun ...

    Both accounts, just pathetic.