Chicken Cheese Poblano Sausage

  • Chicken Sausage
    5 lbs chicken breast cubed
    1 1/2 pounds pork fat cubed
    1 pound of bacon ends and pieces cubed
    2 Poblano Peppers chopped about the same size as your meat cubes
    10 ounces of extra sharp cheddar ( Good Quality ) cubed the same way
    I used Zach's hot sausage seasoning .319 ounce per pound of meat
    Pink Cure 1 1/2 teaspoons for 7 1/2 pounds of meat
    I run this through my LEM meat grinder (coarse plate) with the stuffer tube attached and stuff natural hog casings straight out of the grinder. It's slow but you don't have to mess with the crank stuffer. I add the cure just to be careful and it keeps the fat from going rancid and gives the meat some color. If you don't like the idea of using nitrites just be sure to freeze or cook the links in a timely manner. Once meat is cut off from oxygen it creates a favorable environment for botulism, deadly. I ain't talking diarrhea and a tummy ache, it's death. Your call. It's OK I have made fresh sausage without cure and I'm still alive, I think. I made another ten pounds this summer using white and dark chicken meat and no bacon just pork trimmings that had some meat with the fat. Seven and a half pounds of chicken and two and a half of pork. I also chopped two bunches of green peppers in and some chipolte or smoked jalapeno added. A heaping teaspoon and upped the seasoning weight for ten pounds. Instead of cheddar I used Monterrey Jack cheese. I cook them like brats on the grill, brown them and then move them off the heat until you hit safe internal temperature for chicken, 165 degrees F minimum. Got to be careful you can overheat them and lose the cheese. They make a high temperature cheese but I haven't tried any. Enjoy.