Totally Outrageous


    One thing seems to lead to another total bullshit, the judge needs to be pulled off the bench. I can't imagine anyone being OK with this. I guess it does pay to be a criminal and on the wanted list now they get to start with a clean slate and if you were one of their victims to fucking bad for you, here's your smack in the face from our legal system.

  • @datec While I agree with you on the overall outcome here, pulling the judge won't solve anything. A jury decided this case. All the judge had to do was make sure the case was presented in a legal fashion.

    But yes rewarding people for their stupid behavior has become a trend that just needs to stop.

  • My understanding is that a judge has the power to over rule (increase or decrease) the jury's decision, I could be wrong but that's my understanding I know judges have awarded more then the final verdict for a victim that the judge felt should have been awarded. Also the Federal magistrate also agreed with the outcome and was not meet with any opposition from any other legal person. They all need pulled out of their offices and placed on unemployment.

  • @datec they can. However it's rare. If judges just overturned a jury's decision all the time, what is the need of jury's? With no jury's you are no longer having a trial of your peers.

  • What you say is true and I agree but these people are not just your ever so friendly people having a civil display of protest and as such need to be punished for and pay for what they do and damage, not given a clean slate and another monetary hand out. That is where the Justice system has complety failed everyone from their victims to the cops that inforced the law.

    If they were such good people the offer of their criminal records getting expunged would not be needed, that tells me they are wasteful people that have just got the ultimate free ride and will no doubt invoke even more of this type of protest (riots really) and they will keep taking it further and further till complete and utter chaos with even more destruction and killing.

  • I agree. Way to many people being rewarded for their bad behavior in our society today.