Johnny Cash’s Deer Rifle

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    Finally done! 4 years in assembly. The original part is a Farmingdale Sharps barrel originally removed from a Shiloh Sharps because I disliked the original chambering. It was set back 1.5”, rechambered with a PTG 40-65 Winchester competition reamer then threaded to match a blueprinted Falling Block Works Model J action. Winchester style stocks were purchased from CPA Rifles then sent to Crossno Gun Stocks for fitting and finishing. A 2” Unertl 12X scope will make it easier to see game in low light.

  • Good looking gun.

  • I like the "one piece at a time" reference...made my day! Good looking rifle.

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    Top two are 50 & 100 meters with no change in sight settings. 7,7,8,9 were me making sight corrections. Big hole in 10 has 5 shots. Could use a bit of correction still but I only made 20 rounds and this load seems to be good enough for now so I kept the rest for deer season which opens this Saturday. 420 grain 30:1 Creedmoor style plain base bullet at right at 1500 fps should do just fine on whitetail in my end of the sticks.

  • Not having any luck posting pics from Imgur mobile app with my phone. Took a cryptorchid buck this morning with the rifle in this thread and a cast bullet I made myself. Goofy looking animals but they sure do eat good. Best part is, they don’t count against your buck tags. I’ll put up a pic when I return to civilization.

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    Think that got pics posted. These cryptorchid bucks are nature's very own steers. They often have goofy antlers like this one and usually don't shed their velvet and polish their antlers. This ol' boy wasn't carrying much load. At first, I thought he was just a big spike but then he got into a slap fight with a doe and I knew that if a good buck didn't show up soon he was going to be chillin' in my kitchen come Sunday morning.

  • Congratulations and good job!

  • Yep.