Steel Targets and stands.

  • Just wondering what you guys use for easy setup and take down. I'm looking at a T-Post bracket, or a 2x4 stand. Something that I can break down for transport and stand up quickly. I have two 10" plates now and have built a stand from black pipe for one. It works great, but it tall grass or sage you can't see the target.


    Any vendors you recommend, deals, etc.

  • mgm bccz zone with ar500 posts. Easy to take down and put up.

  • I made a bracket that has a slot cut to fit a t post then the target hangs from the bracket. It’s adjustable in height by using the teeth on the back of the the t post. Works really good. I can send pictures tomorrow if anybody is interested in it

  • @bull81 I would like to see what you made. Thats what I'm looking at from one vendor.

  • @norcal_in_az I’ll post some pictures tomorrow, if you have a torch or other means to cut out the brackets it’s really easy to make. I love them cause they don’t take up any room and I can fit as many on the back of a 4 wheeler as I want. My dad owns a fabrication shop so it works out good for me. I get all the T1, AR 400, and AR 500 drops that are left over from various jobs of his.

  • I built this stand using these holders I bought off of Amazon, some 1/2" conduit, a 2x4, eye bolts, and chain. Here's the link to the holders... .

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  • @norcal_in_az said:

    @bull81 I would like to see what you made. Thats what I'm looking at from one vendor.

    This one is a little rough looking but you get the point. I used a piece of cold roll for the peg and a whole in the target plate, but you could easily change the bracket and bolt the target on as well.

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