McMillan lead times>

  • How long is there lead time on a A5 stock,I ordered one 2 years ago and it took 5 months to get.

  • Tagging @tscustoms. Travis orders a lot of McM's... he'll be able to tell you.

  • I ordered mine 8 months ago and I believe it just came in.....almost forgot I ordered it!!

  • They've been maintaining 5-6 months. I've changed a couple orders midstream that pushed them out a little longer - can't blame that on them though.

  • IMHO it's worth the wait..I like the A-5 I have now. One day, I'm going to find someone local that has a DT that I can get behind. I have to know what all the fuss is about!

  • Thank you all for the info on lead times.I got a build that should be done soon with Travis.And I'm already thinking of my next build.


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