Handgun Disarmament Techniques...

  • Every so often I get someone that sends me a video, and says "Hey Greg, what do you think of this?" This one was sent today.

    What do I think? Two words: Presumed Compliance.

    First, we don't do handgun instruction anymore. However, when I see something like this I always cringe. I can make any technique look legit with a cooperative opponent. Subject A is going to disarm subject B. Subject B knows this, so he lets go. sigh

    I've been pretty disappointed, but not surprised, at the direction the majority of these "training" schools go. Muscle-bound military-mode instructors with booming drill instructor voices saying everything they say with authority and finality. They set up every single "demonstration" so that their "technique" works. In reality, that shit does not happen that way, and training in such a regimented fashion, focusing on ultra-high level and specialized techniques is just going to get most normal people killed. ... but hey, it sells right? Oh yes, it sells training slots faster than you can possibly imagine.

    "So Greg, you don't seem to approve of any training. Is there any that has value?" Actually, I approve of a lot of training. The best training often comes from those using sim rounds or airsoft at the very least. Then, you can get a little taste of what happens if you screw up in a force-on-force conflict.

  • So Greg, what do you think of this?

  • @dddoo7 said:

    So Greg, what do you think of this?

    Probably more realistic than what was going on in the first video I linked. ;)