Bigfoots RRT

  • @bigfoot Boy, I'm really screwed up with these Ballistic Tips and Vmax. Hornady doesn't even make a 140 grain 7mm V max. I looked in my bullet cabinet and the Hornady box was spire points and I found the Nosler box of 140 grain ballistic tips. Duh. Typo screwed me up guess I will have to order some more BALLISTIC TIPS!

  • Probably the last trip for a while with this .260. I guess I will call these the cream of the crop for now. I'm disappointed with the Berger load and have done better. But, you shoot lots of groups you finally get a good one. My conclusion is yes to Lapua brass. No to neck sizing and yes to Redding body dies and neck sizing as a second operation and maybe to RCBS full length dies for general reloading. I might mess with the 8208 powder some more with the 95 grain loads but stick with the ball powders primarily. H 4350 is the choice for the 130. It seems to work for a lot of folks shooting the 6.5 calibers. Five shots in succession at 100 yards.
    I can't explain the fliers. The shots felt good and some are worse than fliers. More like space explorers. Chambering the rounds might be bending the projectiles sometimes I find myself forcing the bolt. It's a Mauser after all.

  • Ball powders with the exception of Varget.

  • I have yet another Mauser that shoots 6.5mm projectiles however it's one of the original 6.5's. More commonly called 6.5 Swedish Mauser or 6.5 Swede for short. They've been around a while from I believe as long ago as 1894. Mine is a Carl Gustaf Model 96 made sometime between 1898 and 1925 and was sporterized by a gunsmith here in my town. I don't know what all he did I just remember going to his shop and the barrel was out and the bolt handle was chopped off. He said something about headspace and cleaning up the chamber and I need a hundred bucks to start. Every time I swung by there it was another hundred bucks. I ended up with a Timney trigger and a Buehler safety with a dog leg looking bolt that works pretty good but don't let it slip when loading or it will fly back and eject the round about twenty feet away. These things cock on closing and have a hell of a spring. One of the c notes got me a Choate composite stock that I later glass bedded and fitted a deccelerator pad to it. He drilled and tapped it and I splurged for a Simmons Aetec scope. Pretty much my first custom rifle and it sent several deer and pigs to the freezer in my younger years. I recently got some new to me 6.5 projectiles so I think it's time to try some new loads. I still have ammunition for this thing I must have loaded ten or more years ago. I looked at some of the ballistic tips and they had corrosion around the plastic tips and the copper. Probably some I had out when on a hunting trip. I scored a brand new box of Lapua brass last week ($60.00!) and have some new Winchester so I'm set and some Lapua Scenar bullets thanks to DD007. When we get this mini blizzard through here I should be able to go shoot and see if I can hit anything with it.
    The barrel was cut at the first step to make it 24".
    The cock on close bolt has quite a bit of firing pin travel.

  • This is what mine looked like before Dave got a hold of it. This one is all matching numbers and in good condition except for a piece of the barrel shroud that is cracked. I might have another one just like it somewhere. It was given to a friend of mines son when he graduated from high school. I cleaned it up and told him to forget about cutting it up or selling it. He's supposed to get a pistol cope mounted on it and have a scout rifle. A long, long scout rifle.
    1915 on the receiver
    The machining and metal in these rifles was excellent. I had altered two of these for other people at one time and the last was made by Husqvarna and was a carbine length. To drill the receiver for a scope mount the screw locations had to be first milled with a carbide end mill to get through the case hardening. Once I did that it tapped but I went very carefully and lucky I was in a milling machine.

  • I made it to the range Monday to try out the loads I came up with for the Swede. I shot some 142 gr Match Kings, 140 Hornady Match HP's, 120 Nosler BT's, 136 Lapua Scenar and a few 100 gr Sierra HP's. Powder was H4831SC, Varget and W760 old and new. Pretty conservative loads and the Varget charges had the recoil of a .223 Remington. The 4831 was a little stouter and more smoke but still easy on the shoulder. This combination might be a little snappy for a youngster depending on their tolerance. I had some ammunition that was loaded in 2014 I used to foul the barrel and out of the case it shot a little high and left. I wrote down I adjusted four clicks down three right and left it there through the session. I hadn't fired this rifle in more than ten years so It was still pretty close. The 2014 ammo was for another 6.5x55 Winchester Custom I had long gone now. Prior to this trial I had cleaned the barrel thoroughly and after a few more shots it seemed to settle down a little low with the exception of the lighter bullets with the W760. Accuracy was about what I hoped for and a little work I can tighten it up. Lots of powder choices left and room for more velocity without any danger.

  • One load of 130 gr Berger Hybrid's also.

  • I took my Swede to the range yesterday with a box full of new loads to try. Some were the same bullets just more powder and some with either neck sized brass or new brass. I had a few that were sized with a Redding body die with no shoulder bump and then neck sized with a Lee collet die. I also switched to Winchester primers on some and tried some different bullets I hadn't currently tried. The session started off very interestingly to say the least. Clean barrel and cold bore and I hadn't touched the scope at all after I shot last and this is what happened. I started having all kinds of thoughts and decided I better make the 100 yard walk to see if I was hallucinating. Full range report coming shortly.

  • I had a little wind yesterday right to left 17 gusting to 21 and later it got really gusty and I almost quit. I had another distraction arrive that didn't help either. I won't go into that I'm not making excuses. The groups of five seem to invariably open up maybe I should stick with three when trying a new load so that being said only a couple of them stayed together for five. I shot one three because that's all I had of it and one four that is from the distraction I was talking about.
    First target with the lucky shot.
    Nothing really going on here.
    Same thing except for the top left hand target with ballistic tips. One got away but the best of the day. The jump to 39 grains of Varget was too much. I'll go back to 37 grains.
    Only one thing I know for sure, the rifle is over a hundred years old. How much it was shot who knows.

  • @bigfoot I didn't give too many details. Shot from a concrete bench sitting with a bipod for a front rest and an owl ear bag in the back but I switched to a squeeze bag. The rifle recoils back on the owl ear and the pistol grip catches my knuckle of my left hand bad. The range is at 100 yards too. The scope is a Simmons Aetec that goes up to 10x, not too bueno. I also tried a new bore cleaner on this old dog. It's called Iosso Bore Paste. I couldn't find any JB paste so I got some of this stuff. It took a lot of black junk out of the barrel even after I thought it was clean with just some Hoppes.

  • Pistol day at the range today. A friend of mine texted me kind of early and wanted to go shoot since it was calm. The wind has been really bad the last few days and we both have a case of camp fever so what the heck. Sorry, no pictures just a little discussion on his new pistol. I shot my XDM Mod II compact and Glock 9 also. Three or four magazines each, no problems except my targets looked like a shotgun pattern. My friend got a really nice looking CZ pistol Monday, a Shadow 2. All steel adjustable sights with three magazines. He had already been to the range earlier this week and had several failures to eject with his handloads. I could only say run some factory through it and if still does it put a stamp on it and send it to the shop. That was the mission today run some white box Winchester and see what happens. He said he had run a little over fifty rounds already so maybe it needs a couple of hundred maybe more. Third shot with factory ammo it failed to eject and pushed a live round forward. Had to drop the mag to clear the pistol. Did it a couple of more times. Then it ran a magazine with not a hitch. About the fourth mag it quit doing it so he ran some reloads. Worked perfect, all three magazines. Another shooter walked over to bs and when he left we loaded up and it started doing it again. Then it had a fail to fire and last it left a live round in the chamber that had to be cycled to pull it out. Kind of a bummer today I really liked shooting it. The single action trigger pull is pretty good I wouldn't mind trading my .40 Beretta for one in 40 caliber I hope they fix his up. He already e mailed CZ service.

  • We made it back to the range yesterday for a round of pistol shooting. I took my Beretta .40 and a Stainless Steel S&W 2206 .22 rim fire. If you can find one of these 2206's grab it, they are really good pistols and aren't in production any more. Mine has adjustable sights and a really good trigger that is adjustable for over travel and is all Stainless Steel. I found a place to buy a threaded adapter so a suppressor can be used. They are kind of made like a Model 41I wish I had bought a blued version as well. My friend took one of his Ruger Mark II target style 22's and also his Glock Killer and the new CZ Shadow he bought recently but had to send it in for a repair. They kept it a couple of weeks and this was what they did to correct the FTE situation.
    "Work Performed: Polished extractor, adjusted breech face lead in. Function tested and test fired good with 115 gr S&B FMJ. If issue persists recommend trying a thinner recoil spring buffer."
    He ran through several magazines fully gripped two handed with 124 grain hand loads and got one FTE. It was almost like a stove pipe jam the brass sticking out sideways the other times it was sitting in the action in line of the chamber but jammed with the next round underneath it. Had to drop the magazine out to get it cleared. I keep telling him to mark the magazines it might be one of the three doing this. Anyway, it did it once and other than that all our other hand cannons worked fine. I don't know much about CZ pistols or any for that matter but if it's a match gun I would think it need to be shot quite a bit to smooth it up and maybe feed it some decent ammo. Just sayin. :)

  • It was a perfect day to shoot. Very light crosswind starting out left to right then as the day went on the wind came around to the east and it was right to left but very light. It was in the low thirties this morning but warmed up to around fifty and not a cloud in the sky. Had a little mirage but not bad. I shot the loads mostly Ramshot Tac and a couple with IMR 8208 XBR. I did some loads for this rifle when I first acquired it and liked what Tac did so I went back to it. I shot some 55 grain some 52's and 60's. This model is supposed to have a faster twist barrel for heavier bullets and I have shot some 64 grain stuff but it wasn't too good. However they were just plain pointed soft points so maybe it was all about bullet choice.
    Rifle: CZ 527 .223 Remington Kevlar
    Scope: Schmidt Bender 6-16 Long Range Varmint
    Bipod: Magpul
    The view:
    Shot sitting from a portable bench @100ydsJJXnjNf.jpg


    The first group was the center target and I did a scope adjustment and shot the rest

    The SMK's didn't shoot so well and it seems to like the Berger 55's and Tac. Pretty happy with the 60's too I have some 65 grain Sierra's I might try with 8208.

  • Another perfect day to shoot so I pilled my 308 out and shot a couple of groups. I had four Barnes 150 grain TSX BT's in the magazine and a few loose ones in a bag that were loaded with 44.0 grains of Varget. Loaded 12/13/2015. I shot them first at the center target then five 150 grain Winchester Power Points with the same charge lower left.. I killed a deer with the same load several years before 2015. Hit a nice buck right in the neck. The PP's didn't group too good The Barnes so so. Good enough for brush shooting close. I found a target from 2015 of a group I shot with H4895 pushing the Barnes 150's. It was the start load of 42.5 grains of H 4895 and I must have shot them up I can't find any in my loaded stuff as a matter of fact I don't have any more 308. Any comments on the lower left group?
    The old target:
    Todays target:
    Turkish Mauser with a Remington Sendero Barrel .308 Winchester
    SRT Suppressor
    Nightforce SHV
    Boyds Thumbhole stock glass bedded
    Bold adjustable trigger
    Chamber and barrel threading by Refugio Industries
    The bolt handle was my first one I forged I usually cut and welded new ones on


  • @bigfoot I loaded some more 150 grain Power Points with H4895 and six with I 8208XBR. I also loaded three rounds of 125 grain Hornady SST. With 8208 XBR. All in Lake City Lr brass.
    Center Target: 3 ea 150 gr PP loaded with 42.5 gr H 4895
    Upper Left Target: 3 ea 150 gr PP loaded with 42.7 gr H 4895
    Upper Right Target: 4 ea 150 PP loaded with 43.0 gr H 4895 two rounds wouldn't chamber
    and the impacts started stringing
    Lower Left Target: 6 ea 150 PP loaded with 42.0 gr I 8208 XBR
    Lower Right Target 3 ea 125 gr Hornady SST loaded with 44.0 gr I 8208 XBR

  • @bigfoot Rezeroed my 22 Magnum today. Had it set for fifty yards trying some different ammo. It took a couple of adjustments and I might go right a click or two and try it again on a calm day. Let one get away this rifle will usually keep five pretty close with good ammo.
    CZ 452 2E 22 Magnum Varmint
    Tasco 6-24 scope
    CCI A 22 40 grain
    Bipod/rear bag from a bench 100yds.

  • @bigfoot I shot a few rounds of 22 today and tried a new challenge target. Sorry to report I might have injured a couple of hostages. Head shots can go bad quick. Anyway, it was fun. I also tried some new ammunition. Eley high velocity hollow points. They have some kind of black anti friction coating on them. I'm pretty sure they were sub sonic in my 16" Savage rifle only a couple of them cracked shooting through a suppressor. I have a brand new Magnetospeed sitting on the shelf maybe I will see what's actually going on. I shot the hostage targets with RWS Rifle Match Sport Line from my 513 and some other targets as well with Eley Match and some CCI Subsonics as well as SK Standard. I have a SS fixed 16 power scope on the 513 that is really hard to get centered on if you move very slightly it just goes white. Not a very good scope in my opinion.OtJd3f4.jpg

  • The sun broke out today and I decided to try a new load for my .308 about 2:00 pm. I got some Berger VLD Target #30408 from a local supplier and loaded them with 44.0 grains of Varget in new Lapua brass straight out of the box. I had some Benchrest primers and single primed six pieces in the press I didn't feel like setting up and doing a hundred. I also had some Federal used brass that had been prepped and primed earlier and I loaded twenty pieces with 150 grain Winchester Power Points for pigs if I get an opportunity at one. Same charge 44.0 grains of Varget. I got lucky I guess seating the Berger's I went with OAL of 2.775 and decided I better check them to see how close they were to the riflings and using the Hornady comparator that measurement put me about ten thousands shy so I left them alone. This rifle has a thumb hole stock and I can't pull the trigger the way Orkan demonstrated I can't even get close to a 90 degree bend so luckily the stock has a flat spot on top like a shelf I lay my right thumb on and can then reach the trigger. If I was an orangutan my fingers might be long enough to use the thumb hole. I tried my best to follow the foundation guidelines and did some dry fires before the first group. Maybe it was just luck but the first three shots stacked. Group two right bottom corner was not as good and the last shot totally went low. I knew I was in trouble because I could see it in the scope that's exactly where I was aiming when the shot was through. I shot three of the Winchesters just to see if they were close enough for pigs and that's about average for those bullets. Heck the grooves aren't even consistent in them they are generic hunting bullets but do a terrific job expanding just not very aerodynamic. Guess I will load a few more and try again another day. 5QwfcpT.jpg

  • We made it into town today and checked our mail box and I had a package I wasn't expecting for a few days. I shot my old 513 a week or so ago and decided it needed a cheek riser so I ordered one. When I dumped it out of the bubble mailer my first thought was what a piece of junk. I stuffed the foam rubber pieces in it and once I got it shaped to the stock it's really not too bad. I sure thought I was going to rip it apart pulling the straps but it held up. I couldn't help myself so I hurried out and set up a target with a couple of dot drills. Still trying to analyze the misses I don't think the rifle should take all the blame. Left target was shot first I applied a little more cheek pressure and pulled the stock into my shoulder more on the second one. The misses seem to have gotten smaller maybe I have been too loose before.

  • Did some dry firing today with my 513. I always use a snap cap as I have a pretty good supply of them I guess a used case would work too but I can run these in the magazine. I also changed scopes. I took the SS 16 power off it was kind of high and I'm not impressed with it at all. You have to be perfectly aligned to make it work maybe I got a bad one if they ever made a good one. I put a Vortex on it and maybe tomorrow I will get behind it and do some live practice. I watched one of the latest episodes DDD and Orkan put on and remembered something about the space between the pistol grip and your trigger hand and whether or not there is a space when you get on the trigger. I shoot from a bench so I got set up and tried my best to get the rifle on target or NPA and then got behind it. Trigger finger at 90 degrees on the trigger creates a gap so I thought maybe something in there to take up space. I spotted a stick of pipe insulation in the shop so I cut a section and attached it to the grip. Now when I grip the rifle my finger goes straight in not at an angle. Looks funky but I might have something here. I know he said the gap isn't a terribly bad thing especially on a sporter rifle but I figured it's worth a try. I will work on it tomorrow. GjfLaLM.jpg

  • I gave it a try today with the pad attached in front of the grip and wrapped around on the sides. I will say it feels good and is comfortable but it's too mushy. I need the contact on the stock maybe if it was a hard material it would give better control. I have seen some stocks with fillers added but they are usually wood or composite and some have finger grooves. I had to sight in the new scope and I couldn't shoot a decent group and didn't feel I had a decent zero so I shot one dot drill. I had quite a few misses and still doubted I was adjusted where I should be. The pad is held on by two little button sized pieces of industrial velcro so I peeled it off and shot a second one. The misses got fewer and slightly smaller so I left it at that and shot some other targets for fun. I shot two at each position on the gopher (missed the head the first time and shot again) and shot the hostage drills. Got one hostage but did better on the head shots. This drill is supposed to be a 90 second drill I believe but I don't time it. I did try a couple of body shots to speed up and almost missed one and did miss one head. Fun drill .6X7pkpf.jpg


  • We made a run into town to get our mail and some groceries then went out to Los Cazadores to see if the UPS man had been there yet. I took the leap and bought one of the RimX repeaters Orkan has put together and tracking indicated it was out for delivery but no show as of 11:00 am so after shooting the breeze with a couple of the guys there we were about to walk out and Brown pulled up right then. Did the exchange and papers and I bought three boxes of Norma Tac 22 to do a sight in. Never shot any of their stuff and it's labeled match grade so I gave it a go. Not much to say about the RimX that hasn't already been said or better yet demonstrated and proven. It is one fine piece of equipment. This configuration is lightweight yet still sets very stable even on my rickety bench I shoot from. The stock is a KRG Bravo and I shot from the bench with an Atlas bipod and a squeeze bag. The carbon fiber barrel really shaves they weight off and I plan to use this rifle to carry in the pasture to shoot small varmints and also work on my target shooting. I took my Vortex scope that has a LaRue QD mount and set on it and put the spacers on the stock and fifteen minutes later I was shooting. Trigger pull registered 1.5 lbs on my scale four times in a row which I really like the only bad thing which is nothing to do with the rifle was the Norma ammo was kind of hard to close the bolt the RWS H/V wasn't as hard but the Norma didn't really shoot too bad and it was nine bucks a box. Had a couple of fliers but heck that's normal for me.

  • Something screwy with Imgur. A couple more pictures.
    A couple of the better groups of Norma Tac22

  • Glad it made the trip safely. I hope you enjoy it!

  • @orkan The packaging was excellent! Those delivery guys can tear up a steel ball with a rubber hammer sometimes. It's really nice, I am left handed but shoot right handed otherwise you would be shipping another one. I didn't clean the barrel either, I was tempted though............