• Check out the show 60 Minutes on CBS on this Sunday October 15, 2017 and watch the piece on the opioids and the drug companies.

    If this doesn't make you angry, you're not breathing.

  • I watched a documentary on netflix recently about prescription drugs.


    I figure pain is part of life. I've had enough things happen to me so that my pain tolerance is extremely high. Like anything. Familiarity can bring peace. The relentless need people have to not feel pain is misguided. Pain is there for a reason. I'm in pain right now. ... yet I won't be running for something to fix it.

  • I have a buddy of mine in PA whose son is returning vet from Afghanistan. He got a spine injury when his Hummer got blown up by a IAD. He got hooked on the pain meds and then got cut off by the VA with no other resolution. He was in a lot of pain as a result of his injury and lets just say he went to the street to get his pain relief in the interim time period over a couple of years which in my opinion was too F%$#ING LONG. He's been in and out of hospitals trying to get help and he finally got it after putting himself and his family through hell to feed his habit.

    My point is the 60 minutes program goes into how one small town in West VA with a population of 392 people had millions of pills shipped to that town over a short period of time.

    Also check out how new legislation is being considered to combat the drug epidemic and how lobbying and political contributions are influencing the legislation. LIKE I'VE SAID, WE HAVE GOT TO GET THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY OUT OF GOVERNMENT. If you watch the entire piece, I think you will agree.

  • @martino1 said:

    LIKE I'VE SAID, WE HAVE GOT TO GET THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY OUT OF GOVERNMENT. If you watch the entire piece, I think you will agree.

    Who is disagreeing with this?

    Yet I think there's a greater chance of finding life on another planet.

  • If you go into a fight thinking you can't win, you've already lost. I think a lot can be done to shame politicians by the smart use of the internet.

    More than one public figure has had their careers end because of a video that went viral. It's high time we shared the dirt n these punks in Washington.

  • We have got to get the influence of money out of life. It needs to be removed from every aspect of life. Marriages would be better. Families would be stronger. Churches would be pure. Business would be honest and truthful. And governments would be for the people. The love of money has corrupted most every aspect of life and will continue to do so unless we as a nation choose to change.


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