Great saving I found on firearms, optics and other equipment

  • I stumbled upon a fantastic deal at
    I have been looking for an M4 for a couple of weeks now and most places are sold out, or several hundred dollars more than everyone else. I found the M4 on for the standard $1799 price and the seller was EuroOptic. Went to there website and sure enough they had them listed and in stock for $1799. I opened a chat window with them and asked about Veteran discounts and he sent me this link Dealer and VIP Pricing, which turns out to be on the right corner of their home page.
    Followed the instructions and emailed them my CDL, DD-214 and 30 minutes later they sent me an email that I had been approved for the VIP discount and the next time I logged in I would see my special pricing! Wow, my price for the M4 was now $1,709.05 out the door with free shipping!!! Ordered the M4 on the spot, went to my FFL the next day and he faxed over his FFL license, and an hour later I received a shipping notice, and an hour after that it was in New Stanton, PA on the slow boat to California.

    Sorry for the winded story, but I couldn't pass up sharing this discount and I am impressed with EuroOptics service. By the way if you have an FFL license they have another discount level for you and they also have dealer pricing for dealers.

    Enjoy, I shared this on the 1911forum and they took it down as spam saying "I was promoting my company". I wish I freaking owned them, fortunately I own one M4 and a Aimpoint Micro T2 from them.

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  • The M4 is a great shotgun,I had a lot of fun with mine before i sold it.I miss it.