Fall is here.

  • Been shooting a ridiculous amount of centerfire this summer. My rimfire's haven't been seeing much love. Yet a couple weeks ago there was a smell in the air. When fall comes, I can smell it. Every year. Sure enough, right behind that smell came the starlings. I cranked a few of them with my sako quad lilja 17HMR... but it just isn't... fair.

    My 40X requires me to deploy my skillset a bit more. So fun.


    Chased my zero around a bit on the top couple rows. Hadn't shot this thing for a while. Shot some tiny groups. :) The last row I stood up between each shot. Wind got me good on that last one.


  • My "fly" tree is 35yds away. Flies love it in the evenings. The last place they can get sun.


    I saw a grasshopper on my tree. He's that little bump left of crosshairs.

    He was climbing without a permit. Clearly punishable by death. Death to the face.

    Shot a bunch of flies.