Brake cleaner for cleaning rifle chamber?

  • I have used the brake cleaner for cleaner rifle chamber for about 20 years with no ill effect.I was wondering what others are using to clean there chambers.

  • A patch damp with alcohol wrapped around a large cal bore brush and a short cleaning rod designed for such use.

  • I use the brake cleaner the same way with the bore brush and patch.But i will give the alcohol a try. Do you use any special kind of alcohol or just the stuff you get at the drug store?

  • Yeah, just isopropyl or whatever it's called. Often I won't even use it. I just dry patch the chamber out and call it good.

  • We use Heet for alcohol around the shop. Same as Orkan, I typically just dry patch out the chamber after normal cleaning.

    I might alcohol swab the chamber after a match or on a hunting gun that I know has a dirty chamber.

  • @steelbanger
    I have found brake cleaner to be very helpful for removing carbon fouling in my 17 HMR barrel.

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  • @rr2241tx Better than CLR?

  • @orkan Can’t absolutely say better, but definitely available at car parts stores in rural Oregon. CLR definitely not. TSA wouldn’t let me fly with liquids, aerosols. So, brake cleaner and synthetic motor oil had to get the job done.

    Timin' has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.


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