Starting em out young

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    My 5 year old practicing at 50 yards and my 2 year old watching. Pretty good form for a 5 year old. She loves hunting and killed her first deer last year, from a tripod mounted rifle we were testing for handicapped children.

  • Must make you feel great to see your kids enjoying the same passion you have for rifle shooting.God Bless

  • @steelbanger
    It's one of my favorite things to do with them. My oldest one has the bug for sure it's all she wants to do. I bought her one of those delve healing targets that bounces on the ground when you hit it. It amazes me how she can make it dance and most of the time never lets it stop til she's emptied the mag or knocked it down the hill and can't see it anymore. Proud daddy for sure

  • @bull81 That kind of shooting is fun.I love shooting empty water bottles and bouncing them all over the place.When i was a kid we use to shoot running rabbits with rimfire.

  • AWWWWWW so cute. Dad you are definitely raising the bar for the guys when those little ladies grow up. Way to go.