M1a headaches

  • I recently acquired a used Springfield M1a bedded in a McMillan stock. When fired, the bolt opens about a half inch and then moves slightly towards the op rod, binds, and then the bolt closes on the fired case. It appears as though the bolt is binding on the trigger group as it opens and that's the cause of my problems. I'm thinking that the trigger group is seated too deep in the stock and I need to build up the stock under the ears of the trigger group thus providing more clearance for the bolt. I should also add that the rifle passes "the tilt test" until the trigger group is installed, and then it fails...

    Is anyone familiar with these rifles? Am I on the right path with this??

    Thank you!

  • I had one years ago, never had that kind of issue out if it but damn it wad finicky. Mine was a custom crazy horse built by smith enterprises. The rifle was extremely accurate but very cranky so I got rid of it. Sounds like your on to something with the trigger group but I'm no expert. If you can't get it figured out I'd give smith enterprise a call they were pretty good people to work with navigation then and specialize in the m14 platform.