TS Customs 22BR

  • I had a BAT Tactical action laying around forever, so I had @tscustoms (www.tscustom.com) put together this sweet 22BR for me. This thing sure has potential. Here's the rifle and some results with the first firing on virgin lapua 6BR necked down to 22. Using a very mild load early on here to just get some time on the barrel. I'll step on it a bit after it's broke in and see what it's capable of.

    Beautiful isn't it?

    Build list:
    BAT Tactical
    McMillan A3A (Red 80%, White 10%, Black 10%)
    20" Benchmark 8 twist MTU
    Hawkins DBM
    Timney 517
    22cal Thunderbeast Ultra-7

    Cute little things. Our red AICS kits ensure problem free feeding.

    Not very fast... but as I said, I'm running a mild load. Sure shoots well.

    This guy showed up when I was experimenting with load. Took an 80gr attitude adjuster right in the noggin. A reward for digging a hole in my lawn.

  • Lol. Reward. Nice rifle.

  • Well I'm at wok and now I have to put on my back up pair of work underwear. Thing got me a little excited lol

  • Goodbye Varmint Cong

  • Put some more rounds on the 22BR today. Wasn't sure if I killed the dot on the 2nd row, so it got double tapped.


  • @orkan
    What ejector/extractor?
    How reliable is the ejection with this setup?

  • @walley2960 Sliding plate extractor. I've never had a failure to eject or failure to extract with it thus far.

  • @orkan
    Thank you. I have BAT VR chambered in 6br. Its been a while but, I don't recall it working well for me. I will have to revisit...

  • @walley2960 said:

    Thank you. I have BAT VR chambered in 6br. Its been a while but, I don't recall it working well for me. I will have to revisit...

    Were I to build one today, it would be on a Lone Peak Fuzion.

  • @orkan
    I remember you stating that before. Its on the list. May be a while though: /

  • Put a new eyeball on the 22BR today. Started working up a load for H4350 as well. 31gr gives 2930fps.

    If spring ever shows up, I'll be able to get it dialed in.


  • Going to load up the rest of these 100rnds with that 31gr load. Wind is blowing 25mph today, which is better than the 35 from yesterday... but still no point in trying for a fine zero. This load shows promise so it will be good enough for a bit of shooting.

    The shots in the dots were from prior shooting. 5 shots at 100yds in the group there, from bench inside. Heavy mirage and heavy wind is just not conducive to impressive shots. The load definitely doesn't shoot bad.


  • Took advantage of some sun for some pictures today. :)