Recoil management

  • In my opinion recoil management is one of the most important fundamentals for precision shooting. For me it's easy to get accustom to rifles I shoot most frequently. The past year the main rifles I've been shooting have been a 6.5x47, and a couple different .223's. I have an FN SPR chambered in .308 I've had for around 18 years, it was my first precision rifle and has always been an excellent shooter even with somewhere around 7000 rounds through it. It's been close to a year since I shot it, so today I got it out and shot 25 rounds through it. The first couple rounds actually caught me off guard as for the recoil and I struggled through the first 5 rounds getting the recoil under control. After the first five I was able to get everything dailed back in and it showed on the target. From this point forward I plan on switching up between rifles regularly to avoid getting complacent and making mistakes in my set up. I had not realized that I had started slacking in building my positions and in the lighter recoiling rifles I've been shooting lately it hadn't shown up. Even though a .308 is still a mild shooting cartridge it was enough difference to exploit flaws I'd developed.

  • I have primarily been shooting little cartridges recently as well. However, many years ago I made magnum training a part of my regular firing schedule.

  • Well got the ole .308 out again this morning, and had a much better time with the recoil. Fired 4 5 round groups that averaged .378 excluding the called flyers and averaged .507 including them. I plan to continue using this as a training tool. On a side note I've been shooting a lot of .22 and 6.5 cal stuff lately and I forgot how big a small group is from a .30 cal. I was getting discouraged looking at the groups through the scope until I actually measured them. One ragged hole from a .30 cal is huge in comparison to a .22/6.5.

  • All i can shoot anymore is 223 and rimfire because of problems with the spine.Travis is building me a 223AI and i have just as much fun with the 223ai as i did with all the big stuff.I also have a passion for 22 rimfire and just love shooting it.