SilencerCo suppressed muzzle loader Non-NFA

  • That is cool. I have considered several times the possibility of suppressing a muzzle loader. It only recently crossed my mind that if it were permanently attached it should exclude it from the NFA. It would however be nice if it were on a higher quality muzzle loader.

  • Yea I wish they had done it on a TC but this is still very cool.

    There's probably some California or Hawaii politician looking to ban them already.

  • @dddoo7
    I have a TC Encore 50 cal for muzzle loader seasons that allow in-lines. Haven't used it in a while, but i remember how messy black powder is. Permanently attached suppressor cleaning? How permanent is the attachment required to be to qualify for NON NFA.

  • @rhyno

    Just dawned on me...there might be problems with putting it on an encore due to the fact that they are considered firearms themselves. I don't know the ins and outs...but they are already walking a fine line.

  • @martino1

    Looks like a pretty involved process. I can't imagine plain water cleaning it very well...but clr probably would. Regardless...It would be nice if the baffle stack was removable but that would lead to problems with the NFA.

    This is a quote from the owners manual:

    The moderator portion of the Maxim 50 requires limited maintenance after every 50 – 60 rounds. Follow the field assembly steps to remove the barrel from the receiver. Then, run warm water through the barrel alternating from muzzle to breech (13A) and then from breech to muzzle (13B). Continue alternating directions until water runs clear. Pour extremely hot water from muzzle to breech, then breech to muzzle, as a final rinse. Dry barrel thoroughly with patches and allow moderator to air dry completely before use. Barrel should be left with the muzzle pointing up during the drying process to allow all water to run out of the baffles of the moderator. Shoot 5 rounds to ensure the moderator is completely dry. If the moderator and barrel are not fully dry, it may cause rust inside the barrel. Clean the barrel using the steps in FIELD CLEANING, and season the barrel thoroughly.

  • @dddoo7

    Ah but Encore's have interchangeable barrels, if those would qualify for NFA with replacement barrels/suppressors, DT?

    Might be worth asking, but Probably already been thought of and shot down.

  • I wonder since they claim things like triple 7 and black powder substitutes can be cleaned with just water that's why they do that?

    They could build it on one of TCs other ones.

    The problem with a lot of muzzle loaders is the stocks all suck since they're two piece.

  • I imagine that DT would fall into the same category as the Encore as far as NFA goes. If the suppressor is permanently attached to a muzzle loader barrel they might allow it. I am not sure, but the convenience of being able to remove and clean it would be worth the $200 tax stamp for me. I have strongly considered a muzzle loader in a DT, but have decided against it. Orkan and I talked about it, and it is possible, but just not practical.

    A couple years ago I had some random internet ninjas tell me that it was impossible to put a suppressor on a muzzle loader. I didn't believe them, but I didn't have the resources to pursue it and prove them wrong.

  • @dddoo7
    I read the suppressor thread here and realize the fun I'm in for when my TB Ultra gets in after some number or rounds. I ordered mine through a local shop on Oct 24 2016. Long and shot, order fell Thru cracks so ATF application filing was delayed until May, 2017. Watched pot is a pain. Shop has suppressor, just need that stamp.

    Hearing what's involved with cleaning, thanks for the save.

  • @martino1

    I am waiting on two right now. One from dec 2016 and one from Jan 2017. I hate waiting as well Especially because I know it is the incompetency of the government that makes it such.

    As far as cleaning goes...I still haven't cleaned mine. I probably have about 3000 rounds through it and will clean it one day when I feel like it. It is still quite accurate.

  • Sure it might be legal here in Ct and I wouldn't need to pay the $200 tax stamp but its still illegal to hunt suppressed here. :/

  • Hadn't thought about that either.

  • Bunch of states are already challenging the legality of this.

  • @rhyno

    Do you remember where you saw this?

  • It was on silenceecos Facebook page.