My first custom build - TS Customs .204 Ruger

  • Awww snap! Look who gets to join the big boys and girls with her first real center fire :)
    Isn't she beautiful?

    Her specs are:
    TS Customs .204 Ruger
    Lone Peak Fuzion Left-Hand Action
    McMillian A3A stock in McMillian Camo
    20" Benchmark Barrel
    Nightforce Rings
    Athlon Helos 6-24 optic
    Thunderbeast Ultra 7 Suppressor
    Atlast PSR Bi-Pod
    Shooting: Hornady brass, CCI 400 primer 55 grain Bergers and 26.5 grains of Varget.

    Greg took some time yesterday to work up a quick load so I could shoot my rifle. He shot about 10 rounds through it before I had my chance. I was excited and nervous when I laid down behind my rifle for the first time. I have very limited experience with shooting center fire rifles. I've shot a few rounds here and there out of Orkan's guns, a few rounds here and there out of friends' rifles and I did have a Savage .223 years ago that I shot maybe 100 rounds through over the course of a few years, but that's it. I wasn't expecting much during my first few rounds...I was going to be happy to just hit the paper SOMEWHERE lol...

    Here are my targets:

    First 10 at 100 yards:
    I flinched when I pulled the trigger the first time.

    Next was the 300 yard target:
    Greg shot the target once, then I followed up with 3 shots. The one that hit low was my first shot after a short pause and I flinched again. I've always been a big sissy when it comes to any kind of recoil, which is why I've stayed with rimfire for so long.

    I was then challenged to hit a small diamond at 300 yards with my last shot:

    This thing is proving to be pretty damn awesome so far. Pretty damn sure if I miss my target, it's going to be 100% my fault.

    Thank you @tscustoms for taking the time to build this beautiful rifle! I've never owned a custom rifle before and this thing is absolutely amazing!

    Thank you @Orkan for the wonderful surprise! AND of course for doing my reloading and general maintenance. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things I'll be able to do with this rifle! To say I'm excited is an understatement!

  • All that rimfire shooting paid off. :)

  • Awesome looking rifle! Congratulations on your first custom. I'd be damn proud of that shooting for the first few rounds out of a new rifle especially not being accustom to center fires. I know guys that have shot for years that would be proud of that performance

  • @orkan Sure is! Thank you!

    @bull81 Thank you :)

  • Awesome shooting and awesome rifle.

  • Banned

    It was a joy to watch her shoot her first few rounds out of this rifle. I was the challenger that shouted "HIT THE DIAMOND!" I could tell by the ring of the IPSC that she was grouping pretty well. POP! dead diamond :D.

    Little critters beware! You're no longer safe beyond the 100 yard line!

  • Great looking rifle. I love my DT, but there is just something about a top notch, well built, full custom.

  • Nice looking rifle. Plus 1 on the Fuzion action. Good Shooting.

  • Thanks All!

    Oooooh weeee, this gun is gonna be a ton of fun!

    First 10 rounds in real wind ever and right after cleaning it. 18-25mph wind from my 2 o'clock. Target at 100 yards.


  • Awesome build and fantastic shooting. That's a prefect cartridge for beginning centerfire shooting.

  • Completed my first dot drill with this rifle last night:

    There was a lot going on around me, other shooters, folks talking/moving, cats around/rubbing up on was my first real experience of having a lot of "distractions" around while shooting. I loved it and had a great time shooting. :) AND I didn't flinch on my first shot! Time to work on getting better!

  • That camo pattern looks great on the A3.Very nice rifle,Travis does it again.

  • Cv9BJgy.jpg

    *slack = last second I feel the rear bag slack so I squeeze more then shoot, I need to not shoot when this happens..get comfy again and then go.

    I've got this. Just take it slow and steady. I have the capabilities.

  • Did you write those things before or after?

  • @rhyno everything was after. The 2nd row I was starting to rush, Orkan told me to take a breather and treat each shot individually. I then found as I went on, I was beginning to become afraid of the recoil even though there's so little of I wanted to make sure I remembered for next time.

  • Target from the other day:

    I kept gripping too hard because I couldn't stop flinching. It was an "off day". Shot at 100 yards.