Giraud Trimmer question

  • I have a giraud Trimmer and it's been one of the best investments I've made for my loading bench. Even with the Giraud I hate trimming brass with a passion almost to the point I'd rather pay someone else to do it. My question is do any of you guys run the blanks and have your smith cut them or just use the spring loaded ones from Giraud? In order to get consistent trim lengths I have to mash down and turn several times with each case, only do maybe 100 before my fingers go numb. I've seen videos of guys running them just as fast as they could stick them in the trimmer, can't tell in the video if they are getting consistent results or not obviously. I would think the blank cut by your smith would be faster and less wear and tear on the fingers.

  • I prefer to not have the spring loaded ones. You can order either from giraud.

  • @orkan
    Thanks I think I'm gonna give the non spring loaded one a try. Do you have to turn the cases several times to get a consistent trim length? It varies on mine from 2 to 8 or so turns depending. There is a fair amount of side to side slack in the spring loaded one, I think this is what causes the inconsistency if special attention isn't paid to each case

  • Yeah, I have to spin the cases a bit to get it right. Wearing a leather glove helps. :)

  • Yea just talked to Giraud and it be 70.00 plus tax and shipping to make one with the spring cause he doesn't have a 6.5x47 reamer and would have to rent one. Think I'll try the leather glove