KRG's new Bravo Chasis

  • So KRG has been hinting at a new chassis for awhile.

    It appears to be going after the Magpul Hunter, fully adjustable, polymer, full aluminum bedding block all the way out to the fore end.

    The Ergos appear a lot better than the Magpul, verticals pistol grip, close to the trigger. Appears similar to the TRG stock.

    MSRP is $349


  • Holy shit!

    That thing is a clear win for the budget build guys. I just wish they had it in a howa inlet!!!

  • @orkan they hinted that they're working on it somewhere.

    It seems a little light, but it says there's a compartment (on the buttstock I assume) that you can put stuff in, so you could add lead I would guess.

  • I really wouldn't mind having one of these. Being lite though is a downside. Maybe I'll just save up for a McMillan instead.

  • @orkan You might be seeing an offering from the Howa Factory.

  • So it sounds like LSI (Howa’s importer) is going to be having a factory rifle with this on it.

    And possibly in 6mm Creedmoor as well.

    No idea on when, but Matt from LSI is dropping hints over on the hide about it every now and then.

  • I'm half tempted to buy this tonight when it releases. I just can't get over the plastic look of it, and the lighter weight. But at this price point your giving up something.

  • It’s a budget option, keep that in mind, it’s not going to be as nice as higher end chassis, or stocks. But it sounds like it won’t lack options as a lot of KRG accessories will fit on it.

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