Real Problems vs. Imaginary.

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    Folks, don't let imaginary problems stand in the way of your advancement. Intelligence is important. Wisdom is the goal.

  • Profound.

  • @orkan

    I agree with you the vast majority of the time. Anticipating a weakness gives rise to the development of countermeasures. As in the game of chess, the player that thinks 7 moves ahead will usually prevail over those that think one move ahead.

    We shouldn't let experience and tradition close our minds to the possibility of change benefiting the cause. Sometimes, not always, a fresh look from new eyes, helps innovation and change for the better.

  • @martino1 Apparently I'm missing something. I fail to see how any of what you said bears on the topic.

  • it depends on your definition of real and imaginary. If you wait until a problem is real, it might be too late to eliminate a painful consequence. Eg closing the barn door after the livestock are gone. I do take your point regarding preconceived notions,

  • @martino1 said:

    I do take your point regarding preconceived notions,

    Good. :)