Subs for fun

  • I have a 500 count box of 70 RDF's that I couldn't get to shoot in my precision AR, my 223 Ruger precision rifle shot them pretty good under half MOA. Just playing around one day I worked a load up for the RPR with the 80 gr Eld's and wow was all I could say, they consistently shoot in the mid 2's with good velocity and great bc. So I decided to play around with the RDF's and some sub sonic 223 loads. Still need to up the charge some but right now they are averaging 880fps with an SD of 9.8 for 10 rounds. Groups at 50 yards show promise. Now I know this is basically useless but I figured it would help me with wind calls and it's just plain fun as hell to shoot. Sounds like a weak pellet rifle. Anybody else on here played around with 223 subs?

  • I spent a short time with .223 subs. Could never get 100yd accuracy where I wanted it so I abandoned.

  • Right now it's shooting between 1/4 and 3/8 at 50 yards, but it may fall apart at 100. If I can get shooting one MOA or better at 100 I can see it being useful for training

  • I would up that charge before shooting any more. You really don't want a round stuck in the barrel.

  • @dddoo7

    I am planning on it. That charge got me 1046 fps average at first but when I played around with longer seating depths it dropped it drastically, much more than I anticipated. I was paying close attention to make sure the bullet exited. Had the target set up in front of a pile of sand so I could see the sand fly with each shot. I started high and worked down to the 1046 fps charge but didn't figure the seating depths would make that much of a change in velocity. I worked in .020 increments and it dropped velocity about 40 fps with each increase in length. I think this will work in my favor though cause it requir s more powder to maintain velocity which in turns fills more of the case and should work better for consistency

  • @bull81

    It does require more powder...but mostly because case volume is higher due to bullet seating depth.

    I don't have experience with subs in 223. I skipped right over 223 and started playing with 300 BO. It is a much more efficient round for subs...but your experiment is interesting.

  • @dddoo7
    I agree the 300 blackout is more efficient, and practical. I have one in an AR that I use for hogs. I've played with the subs in it and they are a lot of fun, but that's the extent of there use too me. I've tried countless different bullets even several leighigh defense bullets designed specifically for sub sonic hunting and it just isn't worth it. Our hogs are tough and the subs just don't get the job done as effectively as the supers. My main reason for messing around with the 223 subs was the simple fact I had close to 500 of the RDF's sitting around not getting used.

  • Cool. Interesting endeavor!!

  • Ok loaded up a few more rounds and got it back up to 1045 fps. The thing that's confusing me is with every single load the first round is between 50 and 150 fps faster, even when shot back to back. If you take the first round out of the equation the SD's are very good for subs ranging from high single digits to low teens. I've never ran into this before, any suggestions.

  • The first round being wildly different than the rest is something that plagues subs. I'm not sure if it still does it with cast bullets, but my 300BLK will toss the first one half a mil or more and then settle in and start shooting 1/4-1/2moa at 100yds.

  • @orkan
    Well that fits right in with the velocity swing I'm having. Havnt experienced that before with any of my 300 subs but it's definitely showing up with the 223. Do you have any problems with lead build up in your can shooting cast bullets through it?

  • I don't shoot cast bullets. Made a typo there I need to go fix. ;) I meant to say that I don't know if it does it with cast bullets... because I've only shot jacketed.

  • I have a 240gr mold for 300 BO and even cast a couple dozen, but I haven't gotten the motivation to do a load work down yet. It would be an interesting project but I don't have a precise enough rifle to get good results from the test.

    I do know that if the suppressor is wet that you will get horrible vertical stringing. I have a thunderbeast 30PSS which is only quiet with blackout when it is wet...but then I lose precision. It is the most useless can I have ever seen. waste of money...but I thought it sounded cool.

  • @dddoo7
    That's good to know on the thunderbeast can. I run an omega on everything right now and have no complaints what so ever with it. I'm tired of always having to swap it from rifle to rifle and reconfigure it for .223 stuff. I'm in the market for another .30 suppressor and had been looking at the ultra 7. May rethink that now.

  • Banned

    The 30PSS has been discontinued and is a very short can (5"). It was replaced with the Ultra 5, which I think is a bit loud.

    I have been in love with the Ultra 7 and Ultra 9 cans. Orkan has far more experience with them, but I wanted to make sure to point out there is a difference between the two.

  • Yes, the new thunderbeast ultra's are awesome. ... the ultra 5, not so much. The 7's and 9's are good to go though.

  • I absolutely love my 30-P1. It is great with supers, subs, whatever.

    The PSS is just to short to suppress enough. It was marketed as primarily a 300 BO can, but it is still loud even with subs. The 30P-1 is very quiet with subs.

    I will probably go with a ultra 9 for my next can...and only because I won't want to have to switch the 30P-1 between barrels. I have no issues with thunderbeast suppressors. Just the ultra short config of that particular one.

  • Thanks for the clarification fellas. I had read a lot of good reviews on the ultras but a can is something your married too for life for the most part so getting a bad one sucks. If the ultra 7 suppresses as well as the omega then it will be all I need. The omega has been a great can just wanting to add another one to simply things

  • Tested at 100 yards today and the first two round went super sonic and hit about .7 mils high. The remaining rounds group into about 1.25 MOA. I'm still gonna toy around with things and see if I can tighten that up a bit. The first rounds being drastically faster is frustrating as hell.