Precision Rifle Fundamentals Class

  • Date: September - 16 & 17, 2017
    Location: Huron, SD
    Class: Precision Rifle Fundamentals
    Class Hours: 9AM - 6PM (saturday-sunday)
    Round count: 100
    Experience required: None
    Seats available: 5

    Equipment Required:
    Eye protection
    Ear protection
    Precision rifle (short action bolt rifle capable of sub-MOA precision is recommended)
    100 Rounds Rifle Ammo

    Optional Equipment:
    Extra magazines
    Rear bag
    Extra ammo
    Bug spray
    Long-sleeved shirt
    Hunting/tactical boots
    Whatever else you want to bring!

    To reserve your spot:
    Call 605-554-1911. Cost for course - $300

    There is a hotel 2 blocks from the classroom, and we can arrange for pickup/drop-off from/to airport for you if needed. We can facilitate firearm/kit shipping as well. You'll be responsible for travel, lodging, ammo, etc... but the meals are on us! It'll be a mix of classroom and live fire.

    A tiny primer on what is taught:

    We'll start the weekend off in the classroom, but we'll be spending several hours outside as well. It's september in South Dakota, so it may be 80 degrees or it may be 40 degrees. There may be bugs, or there may be sunshine. We train regardless of what mother nature is doing. Unless there is lightning, training will go forward! So be sure you are prepared. Bring appropriate attire for any weather condition.

    Course Outline:
    During Precision Rifle Fundamentals, we will give you a foundation upon which to build rifle marksmanship skills. We will teach you how to become in tune with your rifle and control it in a way that you've never thought possible. Like any martial art, there are core techniques which can be mastered, leading you to higher levels of performance. You will learn what to do, how to do it, and how to teach yourselves via the feedback your rifle is giving you. We have never had a student whom claimed they learned nothing during this class, regardless of their skill level.

    Some testimonials from previous students:

    "I was fortunate enough to attend the Spring Training put together by Greg Dykstra of Primal Rights. I have been hunting since I was 12, and I have been competing in a local PRS match in Colorado for almost 2 years. I had marksmanship training in ROTC in college, so I thought that I knew enough about shooting, until I attended the Spring Training, then I realized that what I knew was very limited. After the necessary safety briefing Greg proceeded to teach us so much, breaking down each step of the shooting process to it's most basic elements. He would take the time to cover a concept, then he had us get behind the rifles and practice the concept. Then he would teach the next concept and again he would have us get behind our rifles and apply the concepts we had learned. All the time he was walking around, helping everyone improve their implementation of the concepts to ensure a proper foundation for becoming better shooters. He would take the time to answer everyone's questions, no question was a stupid question, and he gave his undivided attention to every single person in the class. I always knew that breathing played a big part of shooting, but never to the extent that Greg was able to show us. Even though I was a bit skeptical at first of how he applies breathing to shooting, after the dry fire practice of the breathing technique, and most especially during the live fire portion of the class, I came to realize how perfectly his technique works. I can't say enough about this class, about Greg as an instructor and shooter, but one of the things that made me listen even more attentively was when he said, "I know all of you have developed your own method of shooting, I am not saying that my method is the best or that yours is wrong, I only ask that you give my method a try and decide for yourself." I always felt that he taught for the love of the sport and for the love of teaching others the knowledge he has acquired in his many years as shooter. I couldn't be more grateful to Greg for sharing with us his passion, to do it in such a structured but fun way, in a very laid back and safe environment, and with such attention to detail so that everyone would get the most out of the class. It will take me a long time to digest all I learned, but through this class, Greg has given me the tools to grow as a precision shooter, and to identify why my shots are not going where I want them to go. Thanks Greg, I am looking forward to the next one."
    Ramiro Rodriguez

    "Thank You Greg for hosting this training event!
    To any Hide members interested in long range shooting, reading wind, or just shrinking those groups get in touch with orkan. Its hard to find a better place than SD for wind and long range, AND Greg is an excellent trainer!!" - Deltawhiskey

    "Thanks for the training class Greg!
    It was a great class. I have been to classes at another school, but had large class sizes (up to 40 people). While I still learned a lot, it was no where near as good as the small class size Greg runs. Greg knows his stuff, and is very good at teaching it. I would highly recommend his class, especially if you are newer at this or looking for ways to improve." - 64David

    "I am very glad I got the chance to attend this class. It was as well organized and informative as a two day session could be. Nothing better than being able to practice hands on while listening to each detail. Great group of intelligent like minded classmates made for a great weekend!" - Robert Feldhaus

    "Great class!!!!! I am extremely happy to have found such a great instructor!!!!! And better yet he's only a couple hours from me:-) Class size is perfect for one on one instruction too. Looking forward to level 1!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!" - Chad Stevens

    Contact us by phone to sign up or ask questions. 605-554-1911

  • As far as shrinking groups and learning to shoot...this is the best money you will ever spend. Don't hesitate. After putting the principles of this class into practice, I have grown more in the last 6 months of shooting than I did in the 3 years before I took the class. I wish I had taken it when I first started precision shooting.

  • ^ Presume you mean 2018 though.

  • @midwestside Nope, this is happening next weekend. Sorry, I had a typo in there that said may... but it's actually september.

  • Well worth the investment, I learned more in the 2 day class then ever before about shooting. What I believe that has become even more beneficial after the class is Greg will post comments on our individual range report threads about things to look for based on our pictures. Very helpful and great reminders from the class. I not only like the posts on my threads but on all of the other threads. Just reading the comments from all the RRT's is very beneficial. The shooting part of the class was great but the conversations on all other aspects from reloading to equipment with everyone was fantastic...Highly Recommend. Thank You Greg

  • In some hotel room in Huron there are students having trouble sleeping as they soak in all of the instruction from the day.

    Little do they know how much more tomorrow holds 😀

  • There were some glazed eyeballs yesterday. lol

  • Wish I was closer to SD

  • @bull81

    Ain't but a plane ticket away.

  • @bull81 said:

    Wish I was closer to SD

    We've had people from other countries come, and routinely have people from as far away as every coast.

    Every shooter that has been here, has improved. We'd love to have you.

  • For the longest time I had noticed that when I would shoot, didn't matter the gun, the gun would always jump somewhere, either up and left, or straight left or straight right. So for the longest time I thought, "this damn gun behaves different than the other one". But when I attended the Spring Training and I got behind my rifle and Greg saw me, he's like "dude, your gun's pointing in one direction and your body is pointing in a different direction, your body is not square with the gun." So I figured out that it wasn't the guns I was shooting, it was me. I always thought I needed a break on my gun to stop it from jumping and staying on target. Going to the range and being able to see my intended target through the scope at 100 yards after the firing event is, for me, the greatest feeling. And to be able to know what the hell is wrong when the gun jumps this way or that, and to be able to know what to do to correct it, these are the tools that Greg will give you. So even though the class will only last 2 days, you will take home tools that will allow you to continue to improve long after the class is over. From something as detailed as hand placement and trigger finger position, Greg will teach you how to be a better shooter. And even further, you will not only gain tools to improve your shooting, you will also gain a tight knit family of like minded individuals with the same love and passion for the sport, and with that comes not only further help but also encouragement. Don't hesitate to attend this class, I am glad I didn't.

  • @orkan
    Definitely would like to come to one, but to far away for a last minute trip is what I meant. I'd like to catch one around the time of my next prairie dog trip when I'd already be in that general area. Wouldn't get much better than that, killing p dogs and learning all in the same trip

  • @bull81 We will be doing a class in may.