Dove season 2017

  • Is off to a way better start then 2016! Although the way the birds were grouping up earlier this week I figured they would be gone by today, but they weren't all gone yet!

    at 4 o clock I drove by my house and kicked up 100 doves in the alfalfa corners I was going to hunt tonight.

    I got off work grab my gear walked across the road and got to work.

    I'm still new to dove hunting, so I have no idea what I'm doing in regards to setting up decoys and stuff, but they seemed to work Okay tonight. Had there been a couple more shooters we could have gotten a few more, but it was just me tonight, and the guys I asked for this weekend were all busy.


    Stood with my back to some bales from ~5:30 to 8:00 and there were birds flying all over, lots of them, not the 100 or so I kicked up earlier but still plenty.

    My hunting buddy for the night, she's not a very good retriever, but she did help me find a few birds that I couldn't find under the alfalfa.


    And tonight's haul,


    11 birds just 4 short of the limit. More then I got all of last year.

    I'll be back at it tomorrow evening I suppose.

  • I did a little dove hunting back in 82 or 83 I think in SC. It was like trap shooting without the target houses. It seemed like I had the best luck camoed up and leaning against a telephone pole. If I kept staring at the sky, they'd fly around me. If I kept my head down so that they didn't get a long look at my face, I got singles and doubles. I remember cleaning them for the first time. Stick my thumb under breast plate and pop out that half dollar sized tasty morsel. Thinking about recipes just posting about it.

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