Helpful PC programs/tips/advice

  • Well my laptop finally died, (it still works the screen just broke after it got knocked down) so I went and bought a new desktop.

    Now I know the crew at Primal Rights also do PC stuff so I'm not expecting anything here nor do I want anything that would hurt or take away from your business.

    I was interested in knowing though if there are any things that you recommend people have.

    It's Windows 10 Pro
    I got AVG free anti virus
    I'm going to install CCleaner at some point
    And right now I'm just using the default Microsoft Browser (Edge) with Adblock as my only app for it.

    I'll probably end up puttin ITunes, and LibreOffice on it, along with OnTarget and maybe one day Quickload (Now that I have a PC that should run it no problem)

    The only thing I don't like about it so far is that with the monitor and 1080p everything seems so small, and I have trouble reading things sometime.

  • @rhyno For Windows 10 I use a free program that makes adjusting some of the features easier.
    Winaero Tweaker