22LR Accuracy

  • How many rounds do you fire to determine what your firearm likes?

    I'm looking at getting some more ammo, and looking at trying SK, Eley Edge, Lapua, and maybe Wolf.

    I was curious how many rounds it will take for the barrel to settle in and shoot best with it.

    That way I don't buy to much of the stuff that won't work.


  • There's quite a few different questions in that one question. ;)

    How many rounds a barrel takes to get seasoned with one specific type of ammo is dependent on a few different factors. Bore condition, lube type, firing cadence, barrel length, and that specific barrel's behavior all seem to have a bearing on it. The general consensus is that about 25-50rnds of one ammo type should sufficiently season the bore well enough to determine that ammo's worth. If you are doing casual testing, just seeing whether the ammo has even a chance... you can shoot it back to back without cleaning. You'll usually see enough to know whether it warrants further testing. If you are seeing .5" groups at 50yds, and the next ammo you test is 1.5 inches, cleaning the bore isn't going to help that junk shoot better. Now if you are seeing .750" and that kind of performance or better, it might warrant cleaning the bore and starting fresh with that specific ammo during testing to truly see what it's capable of.

    Mixing lubes and bullet types can result in a strange bore condition that can either be very good or very bad. The problem with this is, once you clean your barrel, it can be impossible to get back to it.

    Neat experiment for you. Clean your barrel. Shoot about five 5-shot groups of some CCI subs or standard velocity. Note the group size. Then shoot about 50rnds of SK, Lapua, or Wolf ammo... with it's greasy lube. Then go back and shoot five more groups of CCI. Your first 1 or 2 groups of CCI will be about as good as the expensive ammo!

    I'd avoid the eley edge if I were you. Stuff is garbage. Matter of fact, eley has been producing some real garbage for the last few years here... trying to get everyone to buy tenex. I'd avoid them all together.

    SK and wolf are the same thing, and are pretty good, but count on semi-frequent flyers.

    I've had my best luck with lapua and RWS.

  • Great info, looks like I'll pick up a couple boxes of Lapua Center-x, RWS, SK, and CCI subs (green tag?) If I can find that, I think these will be hardest to find.

    I planned on bringing the cleaning rod and testing one brand then cleaning and testing the next.

  • @rhyno said:

    Great info, looks like I'll pick up a couple boxes of Lapua Center-x, RWS, SK, and CCI subs (green tag?) If I can find that, I think these will be hardest to find.

    I reserve CCI subsonic HP's for hunting. CCI is not competitive with the other brands when it pertains to maximum precision/accuracy. CCI green tag is just Standard Velocity in a green box. If you bought some to test against lapua, rws, and SK, it's very unlikely that it would be in the running.

  • Great info.

    Eventually I'll have to get my 10/22 rigged up for hunting.

    A nice low power variable scope, and a stock change, that'll be the hunting rig.

    The savage is primarily target

  • Right so I ordered:
    2 boxes of Lapua Center-x (100 rounds)
    2 boxes of RWS R50 (100 rounds)
    2 Boxes of RWS Special Match (100 rounds)
    2 Boxes of SK Rifle Match (100 rounds)

    Now we wait and hope for a nice day.

  • That's the hard part. Testing 22lr outdoors requires the calmest day possible. A 1mph wind will drift most rounds 1/8" at 50yds. Doesn't matter if you are shooting rats... but if you are trying to clean an ARA target, things get tricky fast when that wind comes up!

  • Yup, and living in Nebraska doesn't help.

    Luckily the range I shoot at most frequent is shielded pretty well from the wind at 50 yards (in this case it makes it a pain out farther as they dug a hole basically to build the berm, the targets sit a little low and is shielded by dirt from 3 sides)

    And it faces north, most wind this time of year seems to be from the North West.

    Just have to get out early, probably have to do it multiple days.

  • Sounds like the range at McCook. Do I know you? Wayne from SD.

  • @rimfire I doubt it, this is a private range.

    I've only been to McCook a couple of times, and unfortunately never to shoot.

    I do live right near the border of SD though.

  • @rimfire said:

    Sounds like the range at McCook. Do I know you? Wayne from SD.

    I have never shot at a range worse for rimfire in the wind than Yankton. The devil has perforated the ground there, and just blows through parts of the range while sucking from other parts...

    Literally the worst. :)

  • Well here are today's results.

    5 shot groups.


    I'll retest them all again, I had ejection issues that required me to break position on about every RWS group.

    The both showed promise, but the Lapua center x appeared to have won the day.