1950 Remington Matchmaster 513-T

  • I was looking around for a trainer and found this rifle, the 1950 Remington Matchmaster 513-T. The seller is asking $450 and I don't know whether it's a decent enough rifle to train with or no? Does anybody have an experience with it? I have attached the link where I found it... https://www.armslist.com/posts/7129860/houston-texas-rifles-for-sale--1950-remington-matchmaster-513-t

  • They are incompatible with virtually everything. If it's not a shooter out of the box, you'll have no recourse but to sell it. There are no "upgrades" to speak of that will mean anything for it.

    If you want to get a trainer in 22lr, get a 40X. It's simply the best one.

    Significantly behind that in second place would be something like a sako quad. They tend to be quite accurate with aftermarket barrels and the wood stocks, triggers, and safety's all feel pretty similar to a full size rifle.

    After that comes no longer produced anschutz 54 match action rifles such as the 54.18.

  • @orkan That's the feedback I was looking for. Thanks Greg!

  • I forgot to ask....Are there any particular models of the 40x to stay away from?

  • Not particularly. Best thing would be to just email or PM me details on them when you find them and I'll weigh in on them individually.

  • @orkan I'll do it. Thanks!


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