Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

  • Thinking about starting to reload and was wondering if this is decent first reloading setup? Looking to reload 223, 308, 45 cal's. I am not necessarily looking for the most precision setup, just something to reload at a decent rate.

    Hornady Lock N Load

  • If you are looking for quickly loaded plinking ammo then a progressive is the way to go.

    I prefer Dillon to hornady as I believe they are built better. I use the 550's for most of my handgun loading. They can change between calibers in under 60 seconds and will load about 400 rounds per hour.

    If you load mostly one caliber and want to load faster than 400/hr then the 650 with casefeeder or 1050 would be the way to go. In my opinion the 650 is caught in the middle. If you don't need a casefeeder then the 550 is fine. If you want a casefeeder then the 1050 is the way to go. I have a 1050 as well as the 550's and it is very quick. However the 1050 will take about 30 minutes to change between calibers or 45 minutes if you don't have extra toolheads.

    I believe quick change kits are the way to go. A quick change kit complete with dies and changeover are about $220 for the 550's and about $500 for the 1050.

    If you have any questions let me know. I am pretty familiar with Dillion presses.

  • said:

    Dillon to hornady as I believe they are built better. I use the 550'

    Thank you DDDoo7! I will look into the 550, I think it's about what I need. With Ammo hell about to start out here I need to get going on something.

    Besides reading a book and taking a reloading class out here, asking a million questions, bullets, primers, cases and powder what else will I need...

    Dies for each caliber
    Powder scale
    Case cleaner

    Do I need a case trimmer?

    Anything I am missing to get started?

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • If you are not currently loading you will want a single stage for precision rounds as well.

    As far as the progressive goes you will need a quick change and dies for each caliber. You will also need a caliber conversion kit for each caliber. Some of the conversion kit pieces cross over and will work with multiple calibers so if you check the chart you might save some money.

    Everything else is the same as other loaders. Scale, caliper, trimmer for rifle rounds, tumbler is nice, loading manual, case gauges, and maybe a few other things I'm forgetting.