New Dial Caliper?

  • Im in the market for a new dial calipers,I have $200 to spend on them.Does anyone have any sugestions.

  • I keep a few Brown & Sharpe's floating around the shop. I like digitals for reloading and dial for machining work.
    B&S are definitely the nicest dial calipers I've used.

  • I too use a digital for reloading. I like being able to re-zero with various widgets attached such as comparators and headspace gauges.

    Mitutoyo is my choice in that category.

  • +1 for the Mit's for digitals

  • Thank you for your feedback on the calipers.I respect both of your opinions on the calipers and you have me thinking of digital calipers now.Im looking at the Mitutoyo # 500-196-30 calipers,Have you any experience with this model?They seem like they would be much easier to read with my old ass eyes. Thank You


    I have that one there. Very good unit.

  • Purchased the mitutoyo # 500-196-30 and i am happy with it.Much easier on my old eyes then a dial version.Thanks again for the help.

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