Post office opening packages?

  • I ordered a BCG the other day and it arrived today and the package was opened and taped back shut, has anyone seen this before?

    Looks like everything is there but that's a little annoying.

    It is a gun part so that wouldn't really surprise me.

  • It is called recouping a package.
    My Forster Coax had been handled roughly.
    The shipper had re-taped it.

  • At least it is all there.

    I think the reliability of the PO has gond down hill in the last year or so. I have had a couple of packages that were VERY slow...and one was lost. I haven't had any opened yet though and my local PO has to know I shoot with all the brass I receive and send.

    Btw-- what bcg did you get?

  • Seekins had a limited run of complete BCGs

    Since it's a Seekins upper should be good.

    Though I'll probably get another bolt when I order the barrel.

  • seekins didn't make bcg's when I built my it has a BCM in it.

  • They must make them for their own rifles or something, this was a limited run as I understand it. They still have some, seems nice but I don't know anything about ARs.
    Melonite finish, it was like $97 total I was going to probably go with a Badger Ordnance to begin with before I saw this.

  • lost package arrived today! It was shipped on 07/14 from the same state. Took it 40 days to arrive.


  • Government-run anti-gun organization full of overpaid degenerate types.

    It certainly isn't a surprise to me that the postal service is the way it is.

  • Hopefully it wasn't to important @dddoo7

    Thats ridiculous, some people get some important stuff through the mail, my brother gets his MS medicine through either that or UPS.

  • This package wasn't important. Neighbors gave our kids a go cart that had been sitting out not running for I started replacing parts to see if I can get it working right. This was the pre-filter for the air I really wasn't in a hurry.

    I do have some very time sensitive packages at times though. In my experience priority mail packages get more care than first class. I mail all of my important stuff priority if I use the USPS. Even my form 4's for suppressors are slid into a flat rate envelope. costs more...but I want to be more sure it will get there.