This would be neat.


    New way to record through scope with your phone.

    Could be very useful for training.

  • Oh that is WAY cooler than this piece of shit torrey pines unit I have. Thanks for posting this.

    I see it's marketed toward air rifle people. I wonder if it can take some centerfire recoil?

  • Upon further reading they say they tested it all the way to 50bmg. Way cool. Ima get me one!

  • I was just going to PM you but thought others might like it.

    It's definitely priced way better then the Torrey Pines unit.

  • @rhyno The torrey pines kit scope attachment is ridiculously cheap. I've seen nc star rings with better quality.

  • Yea I've heard people complain.

    I think Frank Galli even once said he had to put a bunch of tape on a TT to get it to work.

  • You should pitch a better website to them, theirs is crap😜. I had to watch a third party youtube video just to get an understanding of how the unit worked, but it does look like it has some nice features to it.

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