This would be neat.


    New way to record through scope with your phone.

    Could be very useful for training.

  • Oh that is WAY cooler than this piece of shit torrey pines unit I have. Thanks for posting this.

    I see it's marketed toward air rifle people. I wonder if it can take some centerfire recoil?

  • Upon further reading they say they tested it all the way to 50bmg. Way cool. Ima get me one!

  • I was just going to PM you but thought others might like it.

    It's definitely priced way better then the Torrey Pines unit.

  • @rhyno The torrey pines kit scope attachment is ridiculously cheap. I've seen nc star rings with better quality.

  • Yea I've heard people complain.

    I think Frank Galli even once said he had to put a bunch of tape on a TT to get it to work.

  • You should pitch a better website to them, theirs is crap😜. I had to watch a third party youtube video just to get an understanding of how the unit worked, but it does look like it has some nice features to it.

  • Anyone get one yet? If so what do you think of It? I can see it being a valuable training aid when shooting to watch if you flinching on the shot or are having trigger finger issues.

  • I bought one:

    It’s made from pretty much plastic, but seems to work all right. With my current mounting set up I can’t get the crosshairs lined up and down so I had to edit the video.

    It adds to the length of the scope on the rear, and it did touch me when shooting sometimes when I wasn’t shooting right, but it didn’t hurt or so much since the rifle is breaked and everything.

    It mounts easy and you can remove most of it when it’s uneeded leaving just the mounting ring on.

    It does impede my ability to adjust parallax so I wouldn’t want to run it if that’s critical.

    It’s neat, the company needs to start selling mounts seperately (the rings) and getting the phone aligned is a little finicky, but seems repeatable after it’s set up.

    Because there is a long tube the camera looks through you have to zoom with your phone to get the picture big enough. So quality may suffer.

    Those are just some initial thoughts, in really probably not qualified (especially in the filming aspect) to be much of a judge, but I hope to use it Hunting.