RRT de Hypo

  • Finished the target stand. Two ten foot sticks of 1.5" PVC and four Tees is plenty of material. 1"X2"X8' lumber fits snugly. Yard Sale sign corrugated plastic for the backer that easily accepts thumb tacks and it is waterproof.


  • Kimber Rimfire with Aguila Super Extra at ten yards. Experimenting with sight picture and grip.
    Shooting right handed with left thumb over right thumb and waterline sight picture for top three.
    Left thumb below right and 6 o'clock pumpkin on a post sight picture for the bottom two Bulls. 50 rounds total. 1 second cadence for shots. Not rapid but not slow fire either. As soon as the sight picture stabilized I fired. Measured trigger at 4.5 pounds pull weight.

  • 50 more CCI Mini Mags.
    Slow on #1+4, rapid #2+3, Slow Sighter. 10 yards.

    Repainted the steel and the lightly really shows how hard the Ukrainian Monarch steel cased 7.62X54R hits at 50 yards out of my Finnish M39.
    1/2" AR500 reduced 7"X11" Silhouette

    Some are M855 hits and a few 30-06.
    A friend who has a broken arm tried a magazine at the steel with the 22.
    He shot with his off hand and only hit a fee times.

  • The chunk missing on the left edge was from a clip of 125 grain 30-06 that was probably over 3000 fps.
    Should be 7-8 similar dents. Next biggest is the 54R and then the 5.56.
    Will be shooting soft points from now on in either Privi, Nosler CC 150, or HPBT match bullets. They just blast away paint without cratering the steel.

  • aLjxKc7.jpg

    10 yards rapid fire.
    Getting past the flinching and am able to call shots when the trigger breaks.
    Center mass hold.
    POI still about 3" high.
    A few thousand more ought to program the neural pathways.
    Then move on to the draw and shoot from concealment.


  • 150 round downrange today. Boy do I need practice.
    PPU and Fiocchi 115 grains in this picture


    Also shot some Browning 147 grain ammo and it was a bit better but no pic.

    Having issues with my glasses.
    Seeing two red dots with them on.
    Take them off and the sight picture clears up a lot but then the target is blurry.

    Think it is my grip pushing the shots to the left.

  • Glasses on for sighter and #1
    Glasses off for #2-4
    Rapids for #4
    Still seeing two dots with my glasses on.
    Last time I buy PPU 115, this was the last box of 50.
    Any advice Welcome.
    200 rounds through the new pistol now.
    Tighter grip for the #4 seems to have moved POI back to the right a bit but I was firing too soon before the muzzle had finished the dip and came back up.
    Changed grip a bit for #3


  • advice on ammo?

    buy a dillon and roll your own. lol.

    The dents in that steel is crazy. All I have is 3/8 ar500...but my 308 with match grade won't dent it at any distance. I did notice that 223 fmj will put a slight ping in it...but nothing like those. That stuff must be flying!

  • I still have not shot the steel with my Swiss rifles and some GP11.

    The Mosin and Garand knock the heck out of it.
    I may scrounge up some black tip 30-06 surplus.
    Imagine what a Pulled WW2 Tungsten 30 caliber would do with a 300 Norma Magnum Pushing it.

    I am only going to buy 1/2" AR500 from now on.

  • svZykLx.jpg

    A mix of 22LR from my Kimber, 147 American Eagle, Winchester White 124 NATO, Winchester White 115.

    Kimber needs a cleaning.

    Slowly getting my groups tighter.
    My grip was pulling my shots left.
    Seems a bit better now after a change.

    I want all ten into the 2 inch pasters at ten yards.

    One second shot cadence.

  • Not much of a report. Still shooting a good bit.
    100 today on steel. 10 yards. 1 second cadence for the 9mm
    Trying to stack the 22LR or hit point targets in the clear area.
    50 9mm and 50 22LR.
    Alternating hands with each mag change.
    Tri-Star L-120 CZ75 clone hitting a bit left and low on the 8 inch plate.
    CZ up and down as I shoot before the sight picture is stable.
    Kimber 22 LR is a bit left.

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