Benchsource with a case feeder

  • I'm getting very close to getting a casefeeder working with my benchsource. It require much less attention with the case feeder. I still have to work out the Mount for the actual feeder...but everything else is running smoothly. It is kinda redneck...but it works.

  • @dddoo7 when you get it all figured out I'll take one!

  • @oilfieldjosh

    Lol. It is really not much. It is a 2x4, a 1x2, and a piece of a zip tie. The drop tube and white deal at the bottom of it are off of my Dillon press. Case feeder mounts on a 1"X1" square tubing so nothing difficult there.

    The most difficult thing was getting a plate from benchsource that had only the small holes in it. I first ordered one...but it came with only big holes. Second plate came with all small holes...but still 20 of them instead of 10. Third plate is correct. I've been waiting on that plate for about 8 months as they have to do them in batches.

    On a positive note...I still have the other plate too should I decide to anneal 308 or larger from a case feeder.

  • Now that you mention the plates for the Benchsource, I had to look at a picture of mine. It has the large holes, every other hole. I may have to get a plate to make this work too. Maybe there's a way to fashion a plug for the small holes when doing .308 and vice versa.

  • @oilfieldjosh

    I considerd getting a thin sheet of aluminum and cutting it to match a plate minus the large holes. Then you could put it over the original plate when using the case feeder. However the additional plate was like $55 shipped so I didn't even mess with it.

  • @dddoo7 fair enough. I may look into stealing your idea. I like it...well done!