Rhyno's RRT

  • LXM2kac.jpg

    1st shot, cross hairs landed .5 m left and 1.3m high
    2nd shot 1.3 m left and 1 m high
    3rd shot 1.6 m left and 1.2 m high
    4th shot 0 left or right 1 m high (I re did my position between shots 3-4)
    5th shot was 1 m left and 2 m high

    Then I shot a 5 round group.

  • bout time! I thought you had quit shooting all together! :)

  • Well sometimes I get frustrated and take a break.

    And I lost my home range, and the other range needed some work (still needs some work)

    Anyways I can pile on some more excuses, but they won't matter this isn't going to fix Itself so nothing to do but do it.

  • No explanation needed. I was 100% joking. Glad you got a place to shoot again.

  • Don't feel bad....I just finished moving to a new house and went straight back to work overseas. Who knows when the next chance for me to go shoot will be. I shudder to think of what my target will look like!

  • 10 shots today. I removed the angled piece on my buttstock to test out a theory that it's causing some of my vertical movement.

    And it indeed made a change, crosshairs were all below my target after the shot today. It also reminded me how much I dislike shooting with a flat bottom buttstock as all adjustments had to be done with the bipod or rear bag pressure.

    They also still moved left, I tried playing with some cheek pressure but couldn't get anything repeatable there.


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