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  • Waiting for range day @mamalukino ?

  • @orkan said:

    Waiting for range day @mamalukino ?

    Yes sir.
    Our last club day was the 30th of July and I was an RSO so I couldn't shoot until closing time. By the time we could shoot the wind was too strong and was blowing target stands down and rocking those that didn't. We have an RSO day scheduled for Friday and hopefully the wind will be cooperative.
    Usually I embrace shooting in the wind at distance but for load workup I want a still target, not one rocking back and forth as well as side to side.

  • Range day today.
    No target pictures today due to wind. 12 o'clock coming off the mountain with a ferocity. No sunburn today but a bad wind burn .9jUhmv9.png Only shot 24 rounds of .223; 10 rounds of Starline Brass to measure the runout and 14 rounds on small clay pigeon bits on the 211 berm and out to 440 yards on steel. The .308 went for the round trip but didn't leave the truck.
    Looking to do a load workup when conditions improve using H4895 and 53 flat base SMKs.
    Will post the Starline brass numbers as soon as I measure them.
    Hopefully the wind direction will change by Monday.
    Last week an agency had the range and forgot? to pickup their brass for beer money, so most of the range day was spent picking up .223 brass and talking story while hiding from the wind.
    EDIT: forgot to mention the cast off plate addition was better than expected.

  • Finally able to shoot the load workup I did for the 53 flat base SMK. Shot 25.0 to 26.4 grains of H4895 in .2 increments. I used 1x fired and FL resized range brass for this which on retrospect was a mistake as some of those flyers were not me.The orange dot above were 3 @ 25.3 and 2@ 25.2 for sighters. Will load some @ 25.3 for the next range excursion which looks to be on the 27th. Shot some 80s at steel (14) and shot 4 shots of .308. Another pierced Winchester LR primer! Going to throw them all out.
    The data for the .223:
    100 yards
    #41 CCI SRP
    LC85 (not nato brass) 1x fired, FL sized Forster die
    CBTO 1.917

  • RO today, but got to shoot the verification of my OCW with the 53 SMKs.
    Shot the SF's 1000 yard reduced Palm @100 yards off front stacked bags and fist for rear support. First shot 4 sighter/foulers then 10 for score. Shot 15 out of my .308 also. I will be doing some range cleanup and fixup work tomorrow and will shoot a bit more then.
    I hope you all out there that can shoot just about anytime or anywhere you want appreciate that freedom.

  • After some range maintenance we got to shoot for a short time. The county was hauling dirt to increase the berm heights today and we had to cease firing when the trucks arrived.
    I shot 2 different loads today from the bench; my 80 grain load and my new 53 grain load.
    The 53 gave me this nice little group after I over corrected by .1 mil from the first shot.
    These dots were shot with my 80 grain load; #5 first shot was definetly me. #3 on second row was a senior moment.

    I had to shoot off of a bench today as I was physically incapable of shooting prone.

    I ended up shooting the best with a bag for front support as these benches are slick and even the Atlas slides too much for a proper loading. The initial 53 grain results were embarrassing, shot with the Atlas; once I changed over to the bags I was smiling.
    I also banged some steel with the 80s at 440 to 570 yards!!

  • Yesterday our club did some repairs to the berm in front of the 100 yard line and reset or replaced the target stand holders that were damaged. Afterwards we were able to shoot for a bit. This is my 308 clean cold bore and 4 more.
    I shot the .223 also, did a pressure test with the Starline brass and shot some clays and steel out to 440. Cluster were from 21.5 to 23.5 H4895 with 53 grain SMKs.

  • Shot .308 and .223 @ 100 yards today. Tested 2 light loads of .308 due to WLR primers failing.
    It seems like the more coppery colored the WLR primers are, the softer they are. They almost look flat as the cases get primed. They held up to the max load of 40.8 so I will be looking south of that for a node.
    The .223 shoots fine. What it needs is a stable trigger puller to show it's true abilities.

  • This is from yesterday..5x .308 @ 100 yards; tested primers and lighter loads.

  • Did some range work this a.m. and got to shoot afterwards.
    Shot at some dots and hit a few on the first round.

  • Single feed 178 ELD M... Can't seem to keep them together in one place...frustrating.

  • @mamalukino said:

    Single feed 178 ELD M... Can't seem to keep them together in one place...frustrating.

    Interesting. I have couple hundred more Amaxs to go through then I was thinking of switching to the ELDs.

  • @norcal_in_az
    It isn't the projectiles with the problem....:)
    I break position after every shot and probably induce the split.

  • I've had good luck with the eld's I've tried. 73's in and AR, 89's in a RPR .223, and the 140's in a Creedmore my brothers I load for. I've been impressed with the new hornady bullets especially for the money

  • I have been to the range a few times without posting as I can't seem to figure out how to get this machine to upload/except pictures.
    Shot OCW today with Berger 80s and Reloder 15; had some excellent results.

  • Isolated showers. Cloudy, with a high near 80. Windy, with a northeast wind around 29 mph, with gusts as high as 40 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%. Temperatures close to freezing, almost hit the 60s.
    Hit the rain jackpot with only a 20% chance!! Cats and dogs. buckets.
    7 shots today to zero in a new scope; 3 on the 211 berm and 4 on the 100 yard paper.
    Today was to be our rifle clubs annual Christmas lunch and matches. Postponed the match to the 23rd, ate brunch instead of lunch.
    Only 7 shots were fired.

  • No pictures taken today. Started out sunny and calm; after about an hour the front came over the mountain and soaked everything while the wind cleared the lighter kit and shooting mats.
    Checked the new .223 scope and zeroed the .308's hand-me-down scope.

    .223-10 very accurate and precise shots
    .308- 11 shots; 5 at the 211 berm , 2 to zero at the 100 and 4 to confirm zero (although 1 of the 4 did nor cooperate)

  • Finally was able to shoot for a bit today.


  • Got to shoot after we fixed the rolling gate, and weedeated the 100 yard line and checked/repaired the stand pipes. Had lunch and had to wait for the county folks try to fix a dozer stuck on the range's side berm. Got to shoot a sight in group and then hammered some newly painted steel out to 570 yards. I brought my 22 along but didn't get to shoot it as I forgot the stakes for the target stand. Last 25 rounds were for the fire forming of new brass.
    Here is my .223 5 shot sight in group:
    Looking forward to Saturday to shoot our previously canceled due to weather club match.

  • QC4Goku.jpg
    Early a.m. waiting to get in.
    Morning zero check.
    Club matches today!
    Took the 50 yard "Know your limit" rimfire with my 10/22 shooting off a bench w/ Atlas with rear bag.
    2 Flyers got me on the centerfire comps....1 in the 100 yard f class and 1 in the know your limits.
    F class shot a 99 with 7x....the flyer broke the outside 9 ring luckily or would have cost me 10 points.
    The "know your limits" flyer was on the second smallest dot. It was a good inch off; I shot it again and center punched the dot. I had shot the first 2 largest dots then the smallest and the the second smallest, last shot was the third largest and 3rd smallest...:) Shot prone with an Atlas PSR and rear bag.
    It was a good fun day with some nice prizes. Afterwards rang some steel at various distances from 312 to 570....A great day.

  • Got another range day in today. 22LR and .223 this afternoon for a couple of hours.
    Windy, predominantly from our 6....caused some mean updraft effect on the shots going uphill. Same lot of ammo from Sunday was hitting the 570 .6 mil less dialed in.

  • Banned

    @mamalukino said:

    Got to shoot after we fixed the rolling gate, and weedeated the 100 yard line and checked/repaired the stand pipes.

    ...weedeated... Winters can be a beast at times but damn I'm glad I don't have to do that from October some years until May.

  • @brittel
    I am very happy to be able to do it.
    2 years ago I could barely walk, I had to drive out to the 100 yard line to set my targets.
    Thanks to artificial cartilage injections and motivation found here from some fellow Gunhivers, I am once again very active.

  • Yesterday's pix, today.....
    That Eley practice 50 is not so consistent box to box even in same lot.
    2 best 5 shot groups and some tactical 22, all shot @ 50 yards with my 10/22.
    I changed the scope on my .223 and put my Athlon Argos on the 10/22 Sunday night.

  • 10 @ 50 Eley practice 50
    played with the 100 yard line, Eley 50, 8 shots
    Cold bore, then 5 shot group
    50 shots @ 100 for fireforming

  • Our range has been closed due to health and safety reasons.
    Some selfish idiots towed 4 vehicles in and shot the shit out of them, leaving the vehicles leaking with glass and brass all over the 50-55 yard line.
    Thing is this was done by the biggest gang on the island, initials MPD , who possess their own range about 200 yards to the right of our short little rectangle.
    A bunch of Stupid Retarded Turds, I guess that is what SRT stands for.


    The predictable result of people that think they are above the law and above everyone else.

  • .223 day, finally.
    Shot the steel 2x with the gray one and working up, or should I say trying to work up, a 53 smk load with H4895.
    I had a set of Weatherby springs I did my first Hact trigger with to lower pull weight and was happy with the results. Unfortunately that was the only set I had so I searched for a set to do this new trigger assembly.
    I am not a fan of ebay but sometimes you can find things that aren't easily found anywhere else. I bought a set of trigger springs for the Howa HACT 2 stage trigger that came with blacky from someone in Australia. I am very, very happy with the results; better than my first setup. Better than my Timney. Anyone interested pm me for more info. BTW did I say I was very very happy with the results?

  • I just bought some Howa springs form an Australian Ebay seller myself. Did you get the kits that have just the 2 springs, or the one with the extra clip?

  • @flyinphill said:

    I just bought some Howa springs form an Australian Ebay seller myself. Did you get the kits that have just the 2 springs, or the one with the extra clip?

    just 2 springs

  • @mamalukino
    What is the aluminum spacer between the check rest and it’s normal attachment point?

  • @bull81 said:

    What is the aluminum spacer between the check rest and it’s normal attachment point?

    It is a spacer, with 3 holes drilled so extended screws go into factory holes.
    The cheek piece required the removal of 1 attachment leg so that it could be adjusted laterally.
    The thick spacer in front of the recoil pad allows lateral movement and increased butt pad height adjustment.
    These additions allow me to get the center line of rifle closer to my center and not push my face of center to scope.


  • @mamalukino
    Pretty good idea fella, so you cut one leg of the checkrest off which allowed it to move off center?

  • @bull81 said:

    Pretty good idea fella, so you cut one leg of the checkrest off which allowed it to move off center?

    Then find "sweet Spot" and shim.
    I used brass washers at first, then filled 1/4" with the aluminum "shim" and added washers till alignment was right.
    If I had the machinery I could have made some drop in shims to make the process easier.

  • Today shot targets 2 to 6 for seating depth with the .223, Nosler 85RDF and H4895. #2 is 10 off lands and each subsequent group is plus .030. Groups 2 through 6 are 4 shots each with 23.4 grains of the H4895. # 1 was a 5 shot group of 23.0 H4895. Slight pressure signs on #6.

  • Range day today....223 and 22lr. Loving the Ruger Precision Rimfire.
    Rimfire off the bench and .223 laying down.

  • No range for awhile do to weather and politics....
    Shot this egg stealing, chicken killing SOM (son ofa mongoose)today with my Daisy pellet rifle. About 18 yards from my window perch. Stuck a block of wood in his mouth so's I could get a picture of his teeth.Mongoose, or is it mongeese have some nasty choppers.

  • No range pictures but wanted to say Have a Blessed Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Happy 2021.