• @orkan reply from Horizon: They are cut using a carbide reamer made from our prints by PTG.

  • @tpk936 Are you using adequate lubrication inside and out of the case neck?

    @rhyno said:

    Greg this would require all the rifles to be made by the same smith, with the same reamer, preferably one after another wouldn’t it?

    For the absolute best fit, sure... but as long as the spec of the reamers were close... it should suffice.

    Another way to do this is to buy your own reamer, resize reamer, and gauge... and send them to whidden to have a set created. I'm thinking I might go down that path for my next barrel.

  • Made it to the range today and shot a lot of 22lr. Some 22cm and a few 6.5 cm.
    Shot with the 40X repeater.
    22cm with all different combos. I did neck down some Alpha 6cm srp brass to try. I loaded with same load as peterson 6cm srp brass. All I know is took 1 shot and had all sorts of pressure. Will reduce load and try again. Also shot some necked down 6.5 lapua srp.
    6.5 creed at 200 yards. Cold bore clean barrel. It took about 7 shots to settle in, but once it did was a very nice cluster.

  • Was able to get to the range today and test out my new method of sizing the brass. It was in the low 50's with wind blowing 10 - 22 wnw.
    This target has some 6 br groups at 100. The last 5 all the way to the right where focused honest shots. Then I took the suppressor off the 22 creed and fired nine shots with lapua srp 6.5 brass necked down to 22 creed. This has promise.
    The Alpha 6 creed srp brass necked down still has to much pressure at 40 gr. Will anneal, size, and clean this brass and go to 39.5. The copper creek brass did pretty good. The 82gr bergers shot well. The 80.5 last group also did well.
    This is the perterson 6creed srp brass with 80.5 and 82 grain bergers. The 82 grain bergers did very nicely and the second group of 80.5 is as good as I can do.
    The 22 creed barrel has 1124 rounds through it. It still seems to be shooting good. I will load up some more in all the different brasses again. I am out of sierra 80grain bullets but do have 80.5 and 82gr bergers. I have given up on 80gr vld. I have an unopened box of 100 and 40 left in an open box if anyone needs let me know.

  • I just bought 2K of the 80’s. I hope they shoot well in my barrel. Lol. Guess we will see.

  • @dddoo7 I think I sent you a picture of a 5rnd group that measured in the .1's when I was testing with it last week. If not, I just told you about it on skype that day. I've been shooting 80gr bergers through it with alpha brass and it's definitely capable.

    If it EVER stops being winter, I'll lay down and put a few serious groups on paper for show and tell. ;)

  • @orkan

    That is true!

  • @dddoo7 If Greg has it working should be no problem. Your load development is done just follow the recipe. I am sure it is worth it to have a load developed for a wild cat before you receive the gun. With Greg's expertise it is a no brainier and will save hours of time. I will look to go that route in the future.

  • @tpk936

    Yeah, that wasn’t even load dev. Just the first 10 shots or so to get me some fired brass so I can order dies. I had just forgotten about it.

    Brass however is the wildcard that has me the most nervous...but it will work one way or another.

  • I was able to do some shooting today. 3 weeks between range trips is way to long. I now have 1186 rounds on my 22 creedmoor. The temp was 52 wind 7-18 wnw. A lot of mirage today.
    some 22 lr at 50 yards. Wind did present a lot of challenge.
    The 14 twist 6br continues to deliver.
    22 creed with peterson 6 creed srp brass and 82gr bergers and 80.5gr bergers
    22 creed with alpha 22 creed brass. 82 and 80.5 gr bergers
    22 creed with lapua 6.5 srp brass.
    It was good to get to the range.

  • Range day today. The weather was 72 degrees when I got there and in 30 minutes the temp dropped to 55 rain and wind blowing 8-25 S. Good thing I had a sweatshirt in truck. I continue to throw rounds down the 22 creedmoor. The barrel now has 1234 rounds.
    I now have 6 reloads on the alpha 22 creed brass. The 80.5 and 82 bergers are doing much better for me. The 3 at the bottom of the paper where first three shots then I adjusted scope.
    This is the third reload on Peterson 6 creed srp brass.
    Here is three shots with 8 twist 6br with 107 smk.
    Here is 10 shots with 107 smk at 200 yards. The 2 at the bottom of the paper are because I dialed the wrong way.
    Here are 7 at 200 with 105 barts.
    I struggled with the wind.
    Greg I plan on loading another 150 rounds for the 22 creed, will see how many more can put through it till new barrel.

  • Was able to make it to range for some shooting today. Light rain with a swirling wind.
    150 shots with 40X at 100 yards with Geco ammo
    It has been quite some time since I shot the the DT with 6.5 creed barrel. I pulled out 22 creed barrel and re-zeroed.
    10 with DT 6.5 at 100
    3 with DT at 200
    Been a while since shot some prone, through 5 in at the end when everyone left with DT 6.5.
    Some 22 creed at 100 yards. This is the last rounds I had loaded with old dies. I bought a new set of 22 creed dies that where made by whidden from a reamer. Will size and load some up to see if there is a difference. The 22 creed now has 1271 rounds . Also a 5 shot group with DT 6.5. Should have quit at 3.
    5 shots with 22 creed at 400. First 2 a little high and left. I think this is the second time I shot the 22 creed at distance.

  • The weather was awful today rain, sometimes heavy and temp in the low 50's. I missed last week and may not be able to shoot next week so had to do it. The 22 creed now has 1312 rounds down the pipe. I used my new sizer and seater 22creed dies. The alpha brass is on 7 reload and the Peterson is on #3 reload.
    100 yards 22 creed. The Peterson srp brass with 82gr bergers is working nicely. The Alpha bras with 80.5 not bad the last 5 bottom right was pretty good focus.
    This is 22 creed at 200 yards. 8 shots, 3 where 82 gr bergers and 5 80.5 bergers.
    Put 10 down the DT 6.5 barrel before switching to the 22 creed barrel. They have a 1 mil difference at 100. I just could not make 5 honest shots. Poor focus.
    Took 5 shots with factory Hornady 6 creed ammo. 108 eld out of Bob Harts 6 creed. He lent it to me to play around with. I am going to develop a load for it using 107 smk but the factory stuff did pretty good.

    Even though the weather sucked it was good to get out and shoot. I did struggle with trying to make honest shots each time I pulled the trigger.
    Need more practice.

  • Made it to the range yesterday. It was another crappy day. Rain, rain and rain with wind ENE 10 to 17mph. I did not have some targets make it.
    I finally finished cleaning my .308 suppressor and broke out the .308. I have not shot it since December of 17. The ammo worked fine. 3 with 168smk and 5 with 175smk.
    5 at 200 yards with 168smk. last 3 shots where good.
    12 shots with .308 at 400 yards with 168smk.
    8 shots with 22 creed using alpha 6 creed srp brass. 39.5gr of H4350 with 80.5 bergers. I now have 1345 down the tube and it continues to shoot. The single shot below was one shot at the dot with .308 175smk.

  • It was a challenging day at the range. On and off light rain but the wind was blowing east at 13-30 mph. Needless to say very challenging.
    22 creed at 200 yards. This is 25 shots. The 22 creed has 1414 rounds down the pipe. It likes the 80.5 and 82 gr bergers.
    doing some 6 creed load work.
    40X at 50 yards
    40X dot drill at 50 yards. I am pretty happy considering the conditions. I still need a lot of work on making every shot an honest shot.
    Overall a pretty good day. A nice turkey came out at 200 yards. good thing season is over, it was hard not to zip with the 22 creed.

  • It has been a while but made it to the range today. Kind of a crappy day on and off light showers / overcast and blowing 7-15 mph SE. I opened new bottle of Varget for my 6br so loaded a few to test. Opened a new bottle of IMR4064 for my .308 so loaded a few to test.
    The .308 is working, now need to load up the rest.
    The 6br was working.
    The 6br and the .308 at 200 yards. Why do I let one get away from me. At the top with the .308.
    5 shots with the 6br at 400. The first one was a little high adjusted and shot 4 more. Did not adjust to the wind change on the last shot.
    5 shots with 300wsm. The last 2 shots had firm bolt lift. Some thing was different with those two loads / shots.
    Some 40x 22lr at 100 yards with Geco ammo.
    Always a good day when I can get to the range.


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