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    That is true!

  • @dddoo7 If Greg has it working should be no problem. Your load development is done just follow the recipe. I am sure it is worth it to have a load developed for a wild cat before you receive the gun. With Greg's expertise it is a no brainier and will save hours of time. I will look to go that route in the future.

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    Yeah, that wasn’t even load dev. Just the first 10 shots or so to get me some fired brass so I can order dies. I had just forgotten about it.

    Brass however is the wildcard that has me the most nervous...but it will work one way or another.

  • I was able to do some shooting today. 3 weeks between range trips is way to long. I now have 1186 rounds on my 22 creedmoor. The temp was 52 wind 7-18 wnw. A lot of mirage today.
    some 22 lr at 50 yards. Wind did present a lot of challenge.
    The 14 twist 6br continues to deliver.
    22 creed with peterson 6 creed srp brass and 82gr bergers and 80.5gr bergers
    22 creed with alpha 22 creed brass. 82 and 80.5 gr bergers
    22 creed with lapua 6.5 srp brass.
    It was good to get to the range.

  • Range day today. The weather was 72 degrees when I got there and in 30 minutes the temp dropped to 55 rain and wind blowing 8-25 S. Good thing I had a sweatshirt in truck. I continue to throw rounds down the 22 creedmoor. The barrel now has 1234 rounds.
    I now have 6 reloads on the alpha 22 creed brass. The 80.5 and 82 bergers are doing much better for me. The 3 at the bottom of the paper where first three shots then I adjusted scope.
    This is the third reload on Peterson 6 creed srp brass.
    Here is three shots with 8 twist 6br with 107 smk.
    Here is 10 shots with 107 smk at 200 yards. The 2 at the bottom of the paper are because I dialed the wrong way.
    Here are 7 at 200 with 105 barts.
    I struggled with the wind.
    Greg I plan on loading another 150 rounds for the 22 creed, will see how many more can put through it till new barrel.

  • Was able to make it to range for some shooting today. Light rain with a swirling wind.
    150 shots with 40X at 100 yards with Geco ammo
    It has been quite some time since I shot the the DT with 6.5 creed barrel. I pulled out 22 creed barrel and re-zeroed.
    10 with DT 6.5 at 100
    3 with DT at 200
    Been a while since shot some prone, through 5 in at the end when everyone left with DT 6.5.
    Some 22 creed at 100 yards. This is the last rounds I had loaded with old dies. I bought a new set of 22 creed dies that where made by whidden from a reamer. Will size and load some up to see if there is a difference. The 22 creed now has 1271 rounds . Also a 5 shot group with DT 6.5. Should have quit at 3.
    5 shots with 22 creed at 400. First 2 a little high and left. I think this is the second time I shot the 22 creed at distance.

  • The weather was awful today rain, sometimes heavy and temp in the low 50's. I missed last week and may not be able to shoot next week so had to do it. The 22 creed now has 1312 rounds down the pipe. I used my new sizer and seater 22creed dies. The alpha brass is on 7 reload and the Peterson is on #3 reload.
    100 yards 22 creed. The Peterson srp brass with 82gr bergers is working nicely. The Alpha bras with 80.5 not bad the last 5 bottom right was pretty good focus.
    This is 22 creed at 200 yards. 8 shots, 3 where 82 gr bergers and 5 80.5 bergers.
    Put 10 down the DT 6.5 barrel before switching to the 22 creed barrel. They have a 1 mil difference at 100. I just could not make 5 honest shots. Poor focus.
    Took 5 shots with factory Hornady 6 creed ammo. 108 eld out of Bob Harts 6 creed. He lent it to me to play around with. I am going to develop a load for it using 107 smk but the factory stuff did pretty good.

    Even though the weather sucked it was good to get out and shoot. I did struggle with trying to make honest shots each time I pulled the trigger.
    Need more practice.

  • Made it to the range yesterday. It was another crappy day. Rain, rain and rain with wind ENE 10 to 17mph. I did not have some targets make it.
    I finally finished cleaning my .308 suppressor and broke out the .308. I have not shot it since December of 17. The ammo worked fine. 3 with 168smk and 5 with 175smk.
    5 at 200 yards with 168smk. last 3 shots where good.
    12 shots with .308 at 400 yards with 168smk.
    8 shots with 22 creed using alpha 6 creed srp brass. 39.5gr of H4350 with 80.5 bergers. I now have 1345 down the tube and it continues to shoot. The single shot below was one shot at the dot with .308 175smk.

  • It was a challenging day at the range. On and off light rain but the wind was blowing east at 13-30 mph. Needless to say very challenging.
    22 creed at 200 yards. This is 25 shots. The 22 creed has 1414 rounds down the pipe. It likes the 80.5 and 82 gr bergers.
    doing some 6 creed load work.
    40X at 50 yards
    40X dot drill at 50 yards. I am pretty happy considering the conditions. I still need a lot of work on making every shot an honest shot.
    Overall a pretty good day. A nice turkey came out at 200 yards. good thing season is over, it was hard not to zip with the 22 creed.

  • It has been a while but made it to the range today. Kind of a crappy day on and off light showers / overcast and blowing 7-15 mph SE. I opened new bottle of Varget for my 6br so loaded a few to test. Opened a new bottle of IMR4064 for my .308 so loaded a few to test.
    The .308 is working, now need to load up the rest.
    The 6br was working.
    The 6br and the .308 at 200 yards. Why do I let one get away from me. At the top with the .308.
    5 shots with the 6br at 400. The first one was a little high adjusted and shot 4 more. Did not adjust to the wind change on the last shot.
    5 shots with 300wsm. The last 2 shots had firm bolt lift. Some thing was different with those two loads / shots.
    Some 40x 22lr at 100 yards with Geco ammo.
    Always a good day when I can get to the range.

  • I had to make it to the range today. I had 2 new barrels show up for my DT from Primal Rights. A new 22 Creed 7 twist and a 6 Creed in 7.75 twist. They arrived Friday. I only had time to load up 20 6 creed and 30 22 Creed.
    I also had some 300WSM load development waiting to be shot.
    The 6 creed where all 5 shots. loaded some 105 Barts at .020. The 22 Creed was all 3 shot groups with 95smk at .020 and H4350 started low and worked up. Had to put a few through new barrels.Then had some 300wsm with IMR4350 at the bottom. 185 Bergers at 60.5 gr 4350and some 168smk at 62.3 gr 4350.
    The 168 are looking good. I only have about 30 Berger 185 left but I have a couple 1000 smk.
    40X 22lr. The second row down was all 5 shot groups that I focused on and made honest shots.
    Dot drill with 22lr at 50 yards. Needs a lot of work. While shooting a groundhog came hustling across the range. I shot it and it rolled back but then hustled into woods. Tried to get pic but is was to deep in brush, but kill confirmed.

    It was 82 degrees today with wind blowing 6 too 14 mph ENE. It was a beautiful day.

  • Had a rare opportunity to get to the range this evening. I brought the DT with the 6 creed & 22 Creed barrels. Both barrels now have 40 rounds down the pipe and I am impressed with both. Thank You Primal Rights and Travis at TS Customs. Also brought 300wsm.
    22 creed 30 inch 7 twist barrel.
    39.6gr H4350 and 95smk at .020 off lands. Alpha 22 creed brass. 1 low clean barrel cold bore next 4 nice cluster. 39.6 is the limit as 39.8 blew a primer.
    6 creed 40.8 H4350, Barts 105 infinity bullets .020 off lands, fed 205 primer, Alpha brass. 1st shot clean cold bore low next 4 nice group.
    Confirmed the 300wsm load with 185 bergers, and 168 smk.

    I am liking these new DT barrels.

  • @tpk936 said in TPK936 RRT:

    Thank You Primal Rights and Travis at TS Customs.

    Happy to be of service!

  • Looking good @tpk936, glad to help!

  • Finally had a chance to do some shooting and I took advantage of the time. It was a beautiful day.
    Did some 6 br shooting. I really like this cartridge.
    shot a bunch of 22. this is just 2 of the targets.
    Worked on dialing in the 22 creed with 95smk bullets. The 36.6gr H4350 seated .015 looks good will load some more to confirm and chrono.
    Then swap the 6 creed barrel in and did some work. The 107smk at 40.4 to 40.6 look good will load some 40.4 and 40.5 to see. The 105 Barts needs some more work. 40.4 is close but need to play with seating depth. I sprayed the high one.
    I am liking the DT more and more. I must say those new barrels are awesome. Thanks Greg and Travis

  • Some time range trips are fun and sometimes filled with BS from other shooters. Today had a guy next to me with his 4 buddies borrowing tools and every thing else to get his 6.5x284 zeroed. Piece of junk scope took him an hour to hit paper at 50yrds. I offered to help but he was a genius. When he told me he was going to shoot 2000 yards and he knew everything I just took my tools back and said good luck with that.
    300wsm Bench gun. Just fouling the barrel after cleaning.
    Some 6 creed with 107smk and 105Barts. This DT barrel is liking the 107. Some 22 creed with 82gr bergers and 95gr smk.
    Maybe I should stick to the 107smk and leave the 105 in the box. The 105 are finicky with seating depth.
    8 twist 6br with 107smk this was 15 shots at 200yrds. Shot 2 strings and the wind did lie down on second string. I always seem to let 1 slip away.

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    For some reason I can’t see any of your pictures on any of your post.

  • Working fine for me.

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    I can see all your pictures as well as everyone else’s, but for some reason none of his show up

  • It has been a while since I shot. Was able to do some today. Took the DT with 22 creed, 6 creed, and 6.5 creed barrels. The 40X 22lr and a 300 wsm.
    Did attempt a dot drill with the 40X. Shot 150 22lr rounds.
    I shot some 22 creed using necked down Peterson 6 creed srp brass. I did not get any pressure signs like I have been with the Alpha 22 creed brass. 36.8gr H4350 with 95smk made a nice whole. The 90grsmk did pretty good with 37gr H4350. I have Lapua 6 creed srp brass on order. The 6 creed did nicely with Peterson brass also.
    I had some 185 bergers laying around so I loaded up what I had left and shot them at 200 yards. I just held my aim point and did not correct till the last shot.
    I put the 6.5 barrel in after the 22 creed and took 10 shots at 200 yards. It took me 3 to get adjusted but the last 7 worked nicely.
    All in all a good day at the range. This was the first time I took all 3 DT barrels to the range. It is very impressive how you can switch the barrels and they all shoot. I could have saved thousands if I would have jumped on this platform earlier.

  • It has been quite some time since I have been to the range. I definitely had some rust.
    Shot 150 rounds of 22 from my 40X. Cheap geco ammo at 100 yards.
    This is some 6br and 6.5 creed at 100 yards.
    This was my 6.5 creed hunting rifle, the 22 creed and the 6 creeed DT barrels. I am trying to finish up load development. I am closing in on both. Hopefully will get back to range soon.
    shot the 6.5 creed at 400 hundred yards.
    The weather was a challenge. light rain 47 degress and the wing blowing 9-18mph. When I showed up at range could not see 400 yard target with foggy conditions.
    I need to get back out and work on my technique.

  • Was able to get to the range today. The weather was mid 40's wind gusting and light rain / misting.
    Bottom row dots is 6br except the right dot that was 6 creed. I have been trying to get these 105 Barts infinity bullets to shoot but do not seem to be able to be consistent. I loaded some 107SMK at 41.8 gr of H4350 at .015 off lands and made a nice cluster.
    The 22 creed is with 90SMK . I seem to be losing a shot. I am pretty sure it is me. I must remember class and make honest shots.
    6br 14 twist using 68gr Barts ultra flat back bullets. 4 shots at 200 yards. The 9 was my point of aim. My last shot was the one left.

    I will do some more loading with the 22 creed and 90smk. will do 37.1 to 37.3gr of H4350. I am getting closer.
    I will also load some 6 creed with 107smk at 41.8, 41.9, 42,42.1.. I think I will find the right load.
    I need to keep working with the DT and get as comfortable with the setup as I am with my MPA chassis.

  • @tpk936 You still remain my singular customer that can not stay in firing position while manipulating the bolt on a SRS. Whenever the question of bolt manipulation comes up, I have them do the "thumb test" we invented when you were here in class. Thus far, you're the only customer or prospective customer that can't do it. ;)

    This is about the only thing that I can attribute to your ability to consistently shoot traditional rifles better than you shoot your DT. I bet their performance would be about equal if you were getting up and breaking contact with the rifle in between each and every shot.

    For those that weren't there, @tpk936 has one of those "worlds strongest man" type of upper torso's. Big giant arms which don't allow for lots of flexibility. ... and if you can't stay in position properly from shot to shot through bolt manipulation, NPA is going to suffer.

    @tpk936, you've made outstanding progress in the last year, and you should be quite proud of your accomplishments and continued training.

  • @orkan thank you sir. I will continue to work the DT. I take it with me every trip to the range. I like the platform and the ability to swap barrels with amazing accuracy. I have 3 barrels and will look to expand. I just have to keep practicing all the techniques from class and work on maintaining NPA during bolt manipulation. I will get there. Maybe I can get the opportunity to return to class in 2019.
    Perfect repetition is the mother of learning.

  • Was able to go to the range Friday and today. Friday the weather was in the mid 60's blowing around 9-12mph but rain was coming down off and on sometimes hard. Today's weather was low 50's with the wind blowing 21 to 31 making for some tough conditions.
    This is Friday target with the DT 22 creed and 6 creed. Had to go over target with marker again because rain washed off. I like the 22 creed with 37.3gr H4350 and 90gr SMK. The 6 creed did well at 41.9 of H4350 and 107SMK. At 42.1 was starting to show some pressure.
    Some 40X work both days.

    Some 300wsm with 168gr smk and 185 bergers at 200 yards today. The wind was very challeging. I did get into a grove with the 168 but had some poor wind timing. Patience.
    Testing the 22 creed load today at 200 yards. Started a little high then put 15 shots into a pretty good groove. Last 4 shots at top of target. Was aiming for the 9. first 3 left then held over on last shot. I think I will continue to use this load in 22 creed. With the wind blowing like it was today I am happy with results.
    6 shots at 200 yards with DT 6 creed today. 1st 3 a little high and to the right. the next 3 in center but vertical spread. The spread was me not maintaining good NPA. Even though I break NPA with bolt manipulation sometimes I believe I am getting better with the DT. I need to keep practicing but all in all pretty happy with results today with the conditions.

  • I am planning a range trip tomorrow and run the 22 creed and 6 creed out to 400 yards with the loads I have settled on. Interested to see how they perform. Did nicely at 200 yards.

    I am not excited about the forecast. High of 42 with wind blowing 18-34 wnw, giving a real feel of 30...

    I was all excited thinking some 6mm 95gr TMK where showing up today. I prepped brass last night so tonight could load up and take with me but low and behold they are 95gr smk bthp. my fault. I am still going to load them to see. BTW an order was placed today for some 95 TMK.

    This has taken me a while to get to my question due to rambling. Has anyone used the 95gr TMK in a 6 creed, 6br etc and if so do you like the performance? also if you have any load data to share would be awesome.

    Thank You

  • Range trip complete. The weather was tough. The wind was howling 18-34 wnw with temp at 39 degrees.
    I was not there a long time.
    All guns had clean bores. The 300 wsm took some time to foul back in but once it did performed nicely. I was very happy with the 22 creed clean bore, Produced a nice little cluster. The 6 creed was clean bore and had to rezero after switching barrels.
    The 6br with fuzion action just flat out shoots even in these conditions. Took 15 shots at 200 yards. I did not do a very good job with 300wsm until last shot hold over for wind. the 9 was point of aim.
    This was 10 shots with the 6 creed at 200 yards. I was happy with this.
    This made my day 8 shots at 400 yards with the 22 creed. first time out to 400 with this load. First shot was a little high. Adjusted and was timing the wind being patient all except for the miss right. The shot a little left was a wind issue, just laid down some. Based on dope it would suggest I am pushing the 90gr smk around 3150. Will need to chrono one day.

    I am happy with the day overall. I will say not having to break NPA with my 6br does make a difference. I just need to to stay patient and continue to work with the DT. I am seeing improvement.

  • Been a while but took the DT 22 creed out today. Cold and windy but had some time.
    I used new Alpha 22 creed brass, 88 ELDM bullets, H4350 powder and CCI primer.
    This is 37.2gr of powder. It produced nice clusters even with new brass.
    This is with 37.5 grains of powder. It shows slight signs of ejector mark on brass. May be a little to hot when temperatures come up.

    The alpha brass did not like the 90gr SMK. So I will stick to Peterson srp brass and the 90SMK. I need to anneal size and load the Alpha brass to see if it improves. When this brass is new It takes some force to seat bullets.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Taking advantage of the Christmas Holiday and went to the range today. 38 degrees bright sunshine and low wind. I loaded up some some 22 creed with 88ELDM and 37.2 grains H4350 to see how it would do down range. Only problem a few other people taking advantage of a day off. I could only shoot to 200 yards.
    first 5 shot had .3 mil adjustment and shot 5. Came down to .2 and shot another 6 at 200 yards. Should have quit at 5. Last shot is the lonely one right. These 88 are working nicely.
    11 shots with my 6br at 200
    Took me a little bit to get going today. I started on right side of target and came left. It was nice to make a couple range trips over Christmas Holiday.

  • Went to the range today to do a ladder test with H1000 and 95 SMK for the 22 creed.
    This is 36,38,39 grains of powder.
    This is 40, 40.5,41 grains of powder. 40.5 hit dead on point of aim. 42 grains had pressure very snug bolt lift. Looks like around 40.5 has promise. Thoughts?
    Took 5 shots at 100 and 8 shots at 200 with 6.5 creedmoor.
    Took 5 shots withh 22 creed and 88gr ELDM at 100 this was to foul barrel back in after cleaning and 8 at 200 yards first 2 low but next 6 where nice.
    Please let me know any thoughts on H1000. Thanks